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The international conference "Petergof Workshop on Laser Physics" 21-25 April 2014 has started. 
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Attēli no starptautisko optikas biedrību OSA un SPIE Latvijas studentu nodaļas rīkotā semināra „Eksotisko pozitronija atomu lāzeru spektroskopija”, kuru vadīja Dr. Phys. Jānis Alnis (LU ASI).
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Great source for an alternative view of the best new ideas in science - The Physics arXiv Blog.

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This really is the age of amazing technological developments. Image, you could run Mathematica (Wolfarm Mathematica) on you raspberry pi? All that computational analysis power in such a small power & cost effective embedded platform.
And now you can, for free (for anyone to use for personal purposes)! Read more about "Putting the Wolfram Language (and Mathematica) on Every Raspberry Pi" following the link of this post.

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Great, got my custom Google+ link! No you can find me on

Šogad, 2013.gada rudens semestrī, aizsākam SPIE un OSA Latvijas studentu nodaļu apvienotos seminārus (un lekcijas).

Semināri notiks reizi 2 nedēļās, otrdienās no plkst. 17:00 - 18:30 LU Fizikas un matemātikas fakultātē, Zeļļu ielā 8.

Pirmais seminārs notiks jau 1. oktobrī 17:00 Zeļļu ielā 8, F219 telpā (Fizikas ēkā).
Semināra tēma "Stāvokļa blīvuma matricas".
Stāvokļa blīvuma matrica ir plaši pielietots un viegli uztverams veids, kā pierakstīt sistēmas stāvokli kvantu mehānikā. Pirmajā semināra nodarbībā tiks ieviests blīvuma matricas jēdziens un aplūkots klasisku sistēmu pieraksts blīvuma matricas formā.
Semināru vadīs LU FMF vadošais pētnieks Linards Kalvāns.

Ar šo un citām OSA un SPIE Student Chapter of Univerisy of Latvia aktivitātēm iespējams iepazīties apmeklējot adreses un

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If there is one thing you should learn it is learning to learn faster.

Where do you put your effort?

Effort is important, but knowing where to make an effort makes all the difference.
Our imagination is in no way limited by reality even though reality is stranger than we imagine it. And to distinguish the reality from our imagination we use science.
And if anything science has shown that being able to distinguish reality from imagination makes all the difference.

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“Thinking about science leads individuals to endorse more stringent moral norms,” and I think that to those exposed to the scientific way of thinking realize that science helps to see the things for what they actually are and not just for what they believe them to be.
And now science starts to confirm, that people themselves are getting better by using science.
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