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America is very young in theory run by the people for the people affirming life freedom and various personal pursuits too numerous to mention. America as a manifesting machine of destiny has a part that is not affirming life or personal freedom to manifest destiny. When one part of the manifesting machine breaks down the whole machine breaks down. The machine will and must be re-engineered to run on something other than oil. Why? Because it does not hold water. 

It never ceases to amaze how much one human mind can be so blown apart in every direction at once and keep going... where? I attempted to retrieve mine but it was way too late the cat was already out of a bag it should not have been in. Life is meant for the living to live naked nature's truth under the sun's gaze in peace harmony wonder with humble curiosity to explore and share love infused with passion braving  adventures outside ones comfort zone. Anything else is fear {anathema} to a soul glowing radiating pure unadulterated potential.. 

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“those in power who make arguments to distract people from their own abuses.” President Barrack Obama in a speech in Africa.
By ones own words one is justified by ones own words one is... As it has been verified written scribbled by those in power perpetuating limited vision "condemned".
By whose authority do I have to "condemn" anyone or anything?
Source lives breathes moves through the core of our being as consciousness pure whole indivisible by light sound or anything remotely around. On the raging sea in the middle of multiple storms converging lay a ship in the trough protected by a force one has no lack to see.#,d.cGE

The universe is ones oyster and one is a priceless pearl of amazing beauty depth and breadth universe without end.

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Gravity universal force human power source abundance never ever ending supply eternally free. What part of powerlessness if any does one see?
1963~2013 R.I.P. Beautiful.
 Half a century of probability possibility potential expansion & this is the best image one re-presents objectively observing * observing * objectively observing Earth beyond the Milky Way Galaxy.  No known verifiable boundaries one is free. Know known verifiable boundaries one is being limited by belief beyond what one prefers to conceive. 
What does that achieve?
What part of universe within universe=universe without no~thing world within world world without no~thing never ever ending does one not consciously conceive consciously believe consciously achieve? 
The International Space Station benefits all humans - new technologies, discoveries, deepening international relationships & inspiring young people in #STEM. #ISS #OffEarth4Earth

The end is near ... oops that is just ones name preceediing one never mind.

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Secrets users by now.

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