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#OneWord2017 - Victory
So, I've been thinking about this post a lot of the past few weeks.  It finally came together this morning when I was asked what my #OneWord2017 was.  Without further ado.... VICTORY We just came home from the hospital and my daughter's last round of chemo!...

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The Braden Bin - 8/26/16
What I'm Reading: A great article on connecting with students whom may be difficult to connect with due to cultural differences.  But, how can you find similarities with student...

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The Braden Bin - 6/24/16
What I'm Reading:   Teaching the Teachers Some things that stuck out to me... I, in no way, was really prepared to be a teacher my first year.  Thankfully I had a great and supportive group around me at Isle of Hope elementary school in Savannah, GA!   I lo...

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She Doesn't Hold it Against Us
We had an appointment with the doc today to discuss options moving forward regarding Avery's fight against cancer.  Despite her 14th round of chemo, her cancer doesn't seem to be affected much by it.  Perhaps I can update you in a later post about all of th...

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The Braden Bin - 6/9/16
Quote that's got me thinking:  "When teachers talk to teachers, good things happen." I'm not sure who to give credit to for this quote but I first heard it from Plano ISD's superintendent Dr. Binggeli during his first "speech" to the administrators in the d...

Hello all! Attempting to set up a "MakerSpace" in my school. In that space, among many other things, I think it would be awesome to have 5 or so Google Cardboards. But, without a phone to use them with, they will be useless. Assuming my students don't have personal phones, have any of you had to purchase several Androids for their school? If so, is there a preferable way to do that? Am I on the right track here?

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The Braden Bin - 5/20/16
#Truth What I'm Reading:    Low-stakes Writing  Love the idea of letting students...just....write.  Get them comfortable writing, not worrying about process or product.  Just write.   What I'm Reading *Bonus:     How to Use Snapchat to Tell the Story of You...

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The Braden Bin - 5/13/16
What I'm reading:   That's Right, $63 Million for a Football Stadium...for High Schoolers As a lover of sports, I kind of get it.  As an educator, I don't.  Perhaps it's because the next burb over has  THIS  to play in now.  Maybe they think it will entice ...

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It's my birthday tomorrow.  I don't want to do this, but I have no choice.  It's all around me.  Literally coming at me from every direction imaginable.  It's ok.  I'm alright with being "that guy".  I've decided that I will write about my days in the life ...

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The Braden Bin - 4/22/16
Some cool things that happened this week: -   Jason Wheeler (@JasonWheelertv), a news anchor/reporter came to Barron to talk with our 5th grade students about public speaking.  They SOAKED up EVERYTHING he said.  Yeah, it's crunch time for those 5th graders...
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