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Miller Asbill

I'm anxious to hear how rehearsal went, talk to me BCWE.

Congrats Olivia!

Brevard College Student Selected to Participate in National Small College Intercollegiate Band

Brevard College junior Olivia Willie was recently selected to participate in the 2013 College Band Directors National Association’s (CBDNA) Small College Intercollegiate Band.

Willie, a music education major who plays the clarinet, was one of only 86 of the country’s most talented collegiate music students selected to receive the honor.

"I am really excited to have the opportunity to play some new and interesting literature with such a wonderful group of musicians," said Willie, who is from Ridgecrest, N.C. “It is definitely a huge honor knowing I will be able to represent Brevard College.”

Willie will travel to CBDNA’s national conference in Greensboro, N.C. in March to study under the direction of Craig Kirchoff, professor of Conducting and Director of University Bands at the University of Minnesota. After several days of rehearsals, the band will perform at the national conference on Sunday, March 23.

“This will be an incredible educational and artistic experience for Olivia,” said BC Assistant Professor of Music Miller Asbill. “Performing with other students from across the country is exactly the kind of experiential learning that we find so important for our students. This will be an event that will shape her for many years to come.”

The Small College Intercollegiate Band provides students from band programs at smaller colleges, community colleges, and historically Black colleges and universities the opportunity to perform high quality literature at the CBDNA national conference under a renowned conductor.

From Carol Weinhofer:

Musical artistry:

Having great creativity when interpreting a piece of music - going beyond the physical and technical masteries to a sense of "oneness", consistent with the composer's intent.  This sensitivity is manifested through emotion and comes from the soul.  If achieved, the listener is inspired and he too feels a "oneness" with the composer - a virtual loop.

Well said Carol!!!

Let's talk about connections between composers/styles and pieces.
Who's first, come on, jump in the pool the water is warm!

Greetings To All!

This concert will be an exceptional artistic, educational and technological opportunity for all involved.  We hope that you will join us in conversation, learning and sharing as our preparations lead us to the performance on February 13, 2013.  Our guests for the evening will be the Brevard High School Wind Ensemble.

Program is:

Fanfare, Ode, and Festival - Gervaise/Margolis
Old Churches - Michael Colgrass
3 o'clock Mix - Jonathan Newman
The Machine Awakes - Steven Bryant
Concerto for Piano and Winds - Edward Gregson
         Kathy Palmer, Soloist
World Premiere - Alex Shapiro

Unique Aspects of this performance:

* We are honored to have the Brevard High School Wind Ensemble join us.
* Three Brevard College students will conduct the combined ensembles.
* Three different composers will speak to the audience via teleconference.
* Brevard Community Band has graciously sponsored the event. 
* This will be the world premiere of a new work by Alex Shapiro
* All students involved will be having a running conversation as we prepare. Growth and learning can take place any time of the day or night with this "online classroom."
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