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This is for all my friends who think they are stuck and want that little adivice on how

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Thanks for making it the most read and popular article

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Sharing my experience for you all 

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So The New is the Intermittent Fasting

I am already on Keto and have been reading up so much on the intermittent fasting ,which means the first meal that yo can have is with a break of 16 hours.

Its day 2 and though food is on my mind since I wake up, as im so used to eating the minute I open my eyes, its not been bad at all.
Workout yesterday was 2 hours cardio in preparation to the long distance cycling  tour, other than more water intake dont need to change anything
Today I Lift. Feeling great as of now im sure if gonna be fun!!!

 No Muscle loss only muscle gain
Huge immunity builder
Betters the performance
Fastest way to loose fat
Brain Lightning device
optimizing the food absorption and utilization

so now why wouldn't this tempt me into trying it?

conditions apply:
The intermittent fasting fails if you are running your fuel system via glycogen.
It only works on fuel system via ketogenesis.

That means not on carbohydrates(its a torchere and will achieve none of the above benefits.
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