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More progress on the vertical playbook design. Some questionable visual choices i suppose, i'm not quite sold on the stash display.

Preview of a vertical play+crew sheet design i am working on. It is meant for use with my upcoming hack, Game of Darkness, but it wouldn't be difficult to provide versions with the vanilla blades logo as well.

Two questions:

First, the roll20 character sheet lists the stash gain from a crew advance as 2+1 per tier. while some version of the book, i believe the print version, says 1+2 per tier. which one is the more up to date one? personally i prefer 2+1 per tier.

Second: the various types of rigging count for the whole crew, or each individual? it would make sense that its the former, since giving out 6-8 free load is a bit extreme.

So here is an interesting oddity me and my friends have noticed regarding resistance rolls.

On page 32 it states "The GM may also threaten several consequences at once, then the player may choose which ones to resist (and make rolls for each)."

Which made perfect sense on its own, but not after reading the example on page 199. In the example a character makes a skirmish roll and presumably rolls a 1-3. As a result they fall of the roof and suffer level 3 harm. So far so good. However, and this is the bit that confuses me: "But she can roll to resist, right? Yes. She can resist the harm that results from the fall. But she can’t “undo” being forced over the edge."

Clearly the exact details are up for interpretation, but i am wondering what you folks (and John) have to say: When can a consequence, or part of a consequence not be resisted according to "Don't roll twice for the same thing"? And how do you even determine what is is a "multi part consequence" (falling, then harm) and what is not?

My groups have always treated resistance rolls as undo buttons, but reading page 199 has really made me think about that.

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Heya, i made a twelve clock for roll20! While too large, and too busy to be really practical, i think its nice to look at at least and worth sharing. So here you go.
If someone wants versions with less numbers as 4,6, & 8 clocks hit me up.

On a less interesting note i also have some very simple and clean smaller clocks here:
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