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Crafting, thrifting and living the second hand life
Crafting, thrifting and living the second hand life

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Giveaway winners announced!
It's time to announce the winners to my little giveaway!  All in there were 11 entries via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and the following random numbers generated were entry numbers... 7 -  Bonnie 4 -  anne miklos sarvida 6 -  rosewendy 8 -  Kimberly Tiu...

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Fabric and sewing/knitting books giveaway!
In the spirit of #secondhandfirst, I had a little clear out and reorganisation at the weekend.  I sent a few bags of things to charity, moved some old clothes into the refashion pile and found a few bits I thought you lovely people might enjoy.  Christmas i...

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#secondhandfirst - days 6 & 7
I know it's a little late but here's #secondhandfirst days 6 and 7!  I was away visiting my folks that weekend, then spent a couple of days in London, then came back to Edinburgh to my mother in law visiting so it's been a pretty mental but enjoyable week! ...

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#secondhandfirst - days 3 and 4
I was out last night so here is day 3 and 4 together of Traid's #secondhandfirst week .  This week is really making me realise how much use I get out of this green cardigan!  I was actually wearing it today but took the photos then realised I would be posti...

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#secondhandfirst : day 2
Another day, another badly lit, flash photography selfie!  I have new found respect for fashion bloggers, it is difficult to photograph yourself!  Not only is the light against you this time of year (unless you work from home or have flexible working hours ...

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#secondhandfirst : day 1
Welcome to day 1 of Traid's #secondhandfirst campaign!  For those who've never heard of Traid, you can check out their website over here .  The idea of #secondhandfirst is to pledge to wear a proportion of your clothes second hand this week, to raise awaren...

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Tessuti Fabric Lola tee from stash jersey
Remember when I won a sewing competition ?! I chose Tessuti Fabric 's Lola t-shirt  thinking it would be a nice easy introduction to sewing with jersey or knit fabric and using my overlocker...and I was not wrong! Described by the designers as follows: The...

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Stash bust crochet granny square cushion
The ongoing stash bust continues!  I had a big clear out recently and got rid of a few balls of yarn languishing at the bottom of my stash box, having not seen the light of day in years.  It's amazing how easy it is to accumulate these things, 50p from a ch...

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Lacy Grey Cowl by Whisper Twister
I bought my first crochet pattern off Etsy a few months back, as my easy project to make on the honeymoon.  I chose the Lacy Grey Cowl by Whisper Twister , a pattern labelled as 'Advanced Beginner'.  "Sounds super simple" I thought to myself as I clicked 'a...

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Lola t-shirt planning
Remember when I told you all about my refashioned men's fairisle sweater for the Sew Amy Sew Repurpose Reuse Refashion competition?  WELL, I WON!!  I know, right?!  Who ever thought it possible that I would win a SEWING competition?!  I won the 'So Simple b...
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