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Gustavo La Fontaine
A crazy guy with the desire to save the world!
A crazy guy with the desire to save the world!


Hey fellow, gamers, this guy is looking for cool people to play a few games of Revolution D100, a strange and wonderful mix of crunchy rules and narrative philosophy.

If you are interested, let me know :)
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Never done this before; but If anyone wants to help with the Venezuelan cause for freedom you can do so here:

Most of the item are for first-aid and to counter the effects of tear gas. Over 44 people have already died, and thousands are behind bars just for thinking differently :(.
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That in the background is bank, the rioters are Venezuelans who just lost their money due to a demonetization scheme
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Has anyone tried switching static target numbers for regular checks against a passive opposition with D8s as per the rules in the magic section? (Pg 130). While im not too fond of GM rolls, the extra chaos from variable target numbers seems fun :)

How to design an rpg....

Step 1: get over your self doubts

OK... This is going to be harder than I though, I keep getting amazing ideas and then my obsessive traits sweep down and crush em
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Anyone knows if there are any blog posts/articles/actual play that give good examples on compels?

Cypher and rising tension

I just ran my first star wars cypher game last night and it was an astounding success; players were fully engaged and I was on fire, I decided to take a step back from my traditional GMing style and instead went for something cinematic, using cut scenes, and asking people to imagine the action from different camera angles, with slow-mos, etc, etc.

But what I enjoyed the most was how amazingly well the Cypher system emulated the Star Wars fiction, my usual quip with other SW rpgs is how they never “feel” quite right, for example, the FFG version of the rules (IMHO of course) is deadlier than what I expect from a star wars battle. What truly nailed the feel for me was:

1. The fact that every character can attempt every action even if they don’t have the skill (kind of like how SW characters are pretty much capable of doing anything in setting).

2. Even if the characters almost never failed their action (even against a Lvl 6 opponent), the tension kept rising because every action had a player spending points, so even in victory there Is an associated cost.

I believe that the point expenditure system creates the same drama escalation as the “weak hit” mechanic from Apocalypse World, every success comes at a price, and the longer you adventure the lower your pools get, making things harder for the PCs down the road. 

Finally, and this is what I see as a true stroke of genius, since you can spend points in any action a PC undertakes, you can have a non-combat game without losing the risk factor, (Star Wars not being the case of course), as even investigative scenes may prove an opportunity to spend points and as such, leave a character on the brink of a consequence (such as a mental breakdown if the intellect pool reaches 0)

TL:DR Spending points is just the thing I needed to make my SW game feel like SWs 

So, what have you run using the cypher system?

Urban Fantasy/japanese inspired horror
Modern day earth fused with the ninth world


Star Wars (Still thinking on how to handle force powers)

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Wow, finding this kind of treasure fills my rpg heart with joy
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