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Bradley R. Bellstedt
Connecting home buyers and sellers faster and easier than ever before.
Connecting home buyers and sellers faster and easier than ever before.

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Missed this week's open house? Not to worry, we taped it for you! Take a tour of this 4 bedroom, more than 3,100 square foot home!

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Ready to purchase a home but not sure what you'll need?

Ready to escape the ever increasingly expensive rental market?

Is your current home feeling a little small for you and your family?

We have a solution for that! We've assembled a team of the best mortgage lending professionals in the state and they are ready to help you overcome your credit/finance problems and get you into the home you deserve!

To get started call or text us at 702-763-5339, comment below, or register on our website at,

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Whether you have just started to save for a down payment, or have been saving for years, you may be closer to your dream home than you think! Let's meet up so I can help you evaluate your ability to buy today.

Call us today at (702) 763-5339 for more information or check out for an online applications.

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Do you currently rent your home? Does paying your rent feel like throwing money away? Do you struggle to get ahead financially or to keep up with the ever increasing rent prices?
If this sounds like you, and you're ready to take control of your monthly expenses, and start investing in your future, purchasing a home has been shown to be the best long term investment for the past 4 solid years.

To begin the process of applying for a mortgage loan check out

To view any and all homes for sale in Las Vegas, check out

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Considering buying a home in the not so distant future? If so, check out the image below!

Home values and interest rates are on the rise and waiting to purchase can not only increase your monthly payment as compared to today but it can also price you out of your dream home.

For more information about how increasing home values and interest rates will effect your home purchase comment below, or call us at 702-763-5339. - check out the inventory, setup, and even save your own custom search. 

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Some are afraid that home values may have already peaked. However, we believe that purchasing a home now will prove to be a sound financial decision for years to come. As Warren Buffet said, “When others are greedy, be fearful. When others are fearful, be greedy.”

For more information about the buying process, what it requires, and how to get started, you can comment below, private message us, or call us at 702-763-5339 - Check out the photos and information for every home for sale in Las Vegas and even set up and save your very own custom search! 

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88% of property managers raised their rent in the last 12 months.
53% said they were more likely to bring in a new tenant at a higher rate rather than renegotiate with the current tenant.

Ready for some stability in your budget and life? Buying a home can put an end to the vicious rental cycle and now it is easier than ever before to do exactly that!

Our team of financial experts and real estate professionals want to help you find and finance your new home. Give us a call today at 702-763-5339 or comment below to get started.

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Whether you are a current homeowner looking to move to a home that will better serve your family’s current needs, or a first-time buyer looking for a starter home, it is easier to get a mortgage today than it has been at any other time in the last ten years.

If you would like to take a closer look at the requirements for a home loan and what you can afford, we encourage you to call us at 702-763-5339, comment below, or send us a private message.
Your resource for buying and selling homes in Nevada. 

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Is the thought of your next rent increase stressing you out? Are you expecting your rent to increase by $100 maybe even $200 the next time you renew your lease?

PROTECT YOURSELF FROM RISING RENT COSTS with a fixed rate mortgage. When you purchase a home, that monthly living expense can be locked in for the life of that loan, meaning your monthly mortgage payment will be the same in 10 years from now as it is today.

If you're looking to break free of the rental cycle trap and ready to take control of your monthly expenses, we encourage you to call us today at (702) 763-5339, comment below or private message us. - Check out the entire inventory of homes for sale in Nevada and even set up and save your very own custom search! 

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With so many loan programs becoming available to help those who are short on cash to purchase a home, it is no wonder millennials are now making up a staggering 84% of closed mortgage loans in January.

If you're thinking about taking advantage of these easy entry loan programs to purchase your first home, please call 702-763-5339, comment below, or private message us for more information. Out network of mortgage lending professionals specialize in low or no down payment programs and are looking forward to helping you purchase your first home.

Check out the entire inventory of homes for sale in Las Vegas and even set up and save your very own custom home search at;
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