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Zipp Toros El Clasico M50 COC 50er torosplus ToroStore G+
Zipp Toros El Clasico M50 COC 50er torosplus ToroStore G+


Shutdown notice

2014 Zipp was given the opportunity to become the household name for small motorcycles all over Europe. The plan suggested a viral campaign based on a direct-to-customer sales model. Engineered as a preparatory and fundraising measure the ToroStore Test Sales were launched. Unbeknownst to the originator of the concept, Zipp was already failing then. Consequently wages were cut, and not without intrigue, by June 2014 the export sales manager, ironically the only English-speaking employee and head of the only profitable department in the company, was sacked, and with him being the coordinating force, the project went down the drain. But by that time orders and payments were already coming in. Since noone at Zipp felt responsible or inclined to process these, deliveries were made only reluctantly and after massive pressure. In fact all of the vehicles delivered had serious flaws ranging from non-working brakes to dead engines. The last customers received repair stock motorcycles with obvious damage even. In the meantime Zipp was taken over by Romet, who is not interested in the western european market at all and lacks the personal to even evaluate it. Unsurprisingly, warranty claims were ignored and the promotion staff was not paid at all. So, obviously, regardless whether it is Zipp, Toros or Romet, the people and the mentality are more eastern than Europe. Remember that when buying their products, because even if you purchase them at a premium from a dealer in your own country, in the end you are on your own without support, warranty or refunds to be expected.

Thanks to all who welcomed the project. Ride safely.
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What is this all about?

The ToroStore tests sales! Two popular Toros by Zipp models for all of Europe at the same price directly from our plant in Poland - assembled, checked and ready to ride on built-to-order basis.


In addition to a constant flow of purchase inquiries, European customers unable to find dealers or reasonable prices in their countries have bought their bike of choice in Poland themselves.

So we decided to make it easier for you.

Can I use the bike on public roads?

Off course. All of our models are street legal and come with a COC for all countries of the EU. You also may need a small motorcycle license and have to insure the vehicle.

What does build-to-order mean?

The bike is prepared for you specifically after your order form and payment have arrived.  

Is there a warranty?

All bikes come with two years of warranty provided that all service checks are done at authorized service points. Customers in countries without the latter receive spare parts on Toros' discretion.

How is the build quality in general?

Perfectly fine, especially in regard of the price.

Are there known issues to be expected?

Some tires may have bulbs in the sides. Also, the stand is not designed for seated use.

So how much are the models then?

510 EUR for the El Clasico, and 615 EUR for the M50.

Do the prices include VAT?

Of course, and it is stated extra on the invoice.

I run a business and operate VAT-free. Can I get the VAT back?

Sure. There are two ways: Either send us your EU-VAT-ID and get a VAT-free invoice - this will take longer, since we have to verify the ID - or have the VAT refunded by your finance official.

How do I get the bike?

You can collect yourself, have it transported or authorize Toros to have it shipped in your name to your home at a special rate, depending on your country. Costs including VAT range from 80 to 180 EUR currently for fully assembled vehicles each.

I am a professional mechanic or skilled amateur and would like to build the bike myself.

You are welcome to. And you even save another 50 EUR if you take a construction kit.

My friends want bikes as well. Are there group deals?

Yes. Provided that all vehicles or kits go to the same address in one shipment, you get a discount.

How do I pay?

By IBAN transfer directly on the Zipp bank account only.

How can I make sure that I pay onto the right acccount?

Simply ask your bank to verify the IBAN data.

I would like to finance my purchase or pay COD / with credit card / by trustee.

In this case, please consult your local dealer to obtain the bike for you. However, be prepared for a hefty surcharge.

Why do I have to write to you first to get a delivery form?

This way, the typical spam filter will let is pass through.
Kindly use for actual orders, for general questions.

I would like to share my experiences with the bike with fellow customers.

Great! We will send you an invitation for you to participate here.
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Hello and welcome to the torosplus G+ presence, your first stop for support and order information.

If you have general questions or would like to have a delivery quote, please feel free to contact us via

or request your personalized order form directly via

- in this case, please state your name, full address, phone number and if you run a business also your EU-VAT-ID. The bills then will be issued free of VAT.
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