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Weaving sensors and control into your world ...
Weaving sensors and control into your world ...

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We got our first run of Wovyn USB Interface boards!  I assembled one for testing, and ordered more cases to build more.  Slow, but stead, progress!
August 24, 2012 - Wovyn USB Boards
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Although this sounds like an interesting idea, it's like asking for a standard for the Internet in general, or even a standard for "plastic".  What most people do not yet grasp is the shear size and scope of what we today refer to as "the Internet of Things".  What we see today is only scratching the surface, and few humans can even comprehend the scale of what we are creating.  There will never be "a standard" ... but instead a multitude of layered standards.  We will evolve these standards ... until the machine take over evolving them. 

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This is an interesting perspective on the Internet of Things, and some of the future directions.  We agree completely with the "discovery" and "open API" thoughts ... and the fact that Things need to be able to interact with Things ... without human intervention!

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Realize we were remiss in posting a great conversation with +Robert Scoble and +Leo Laporte during the +Maker Faire awhile back - Many thanks to them both again for the time and opportunity to discuss +Wovyn !

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Nice article from +Sarah Kessler at +Mashable differentiating how the +Wovyn platform (with our Loom OS) is architected to "weave" other sensor companies and web applications and services into a larger fabric in the Internet of Things!

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Was great making the pilgrimage to the "Brick House" to see +Leo Laporte and +Robert Scoble live (after hanging with Robert the night before :), and sharing the desk for a bit with the guys on the post-show (video coming soon!). Adam and "Friar Tech" Robert Ballecer made a very entertaining panel. ^_^
Thanks for capping a great weekend guys!
+D.W. Nelson
What a great +TWiT yesterday. Yes, I'm biased, but the tweets and chat were coming hot and heavy yesterday saying this was a good one.

On the show +Adam Curry and I argue about the future of Facebook. He doesn't see the value in it (hmm, sounds like a lot of people on Google+). Anyway, who do you agree with? Adam, or me?

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Great evening with +Robert Scoble and his family last night - Thanks Robert! A few kids running around, a little wine, and far-reaching discussion about the Internet of Things - hava listen.
Listen in to what it was like at my house tonight as founder of +Wovyn shows up with a bag full of sensors. We talk about what that all means and how it all fits into what +Tim O'Reilly and others call "the Internet of things."

I wonder just how many sensors we'll have in our lives soon. Probably dozens, if not hundreds.

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Great article that goes deep ... this is where we're going with Wovyn! Add to this the events that come from Wovyn and the world around you!

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We are now a LIVE project on Kickstarter!! Come and check us out!

It's awesome to have OEMs wanting your product before it's done, and acquisition inquiries before your company launches! #FTW
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