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Identity Management geek living in the Great White North
Identity Management geek living in the Great White North

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After admonishing my son for not blogging enough, I thought I should set a better example.

Here is an article for the Kubernetes fans.

Now it's your turn James!

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Automating OpenDJ backups on Kubernetes
Kubernetes   StatefulSets  are designed to run "pet" like services such as databases.   ForgeRock's OpenDJ LDAP server is an excellent fit for StatefulSets as it requires stable network identity and persistent storage. The ForgeOps project contains a Kubern...

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A nice explanation of the service catalog work that is going on in Kubernetes

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"Note also that (a) Trump was elected (in no small part) on the basis of his pervasive norm-breaking, his refusal to obey any rules set for him, and (b) as noted above, norms are precisely what holds democracy together. " 
There were a lot of very thoughtful (and some slightly nutty) responses to "Trial Balloon for a Coup?" Some assumed that only an evil genius could successfully threaten our democracy; some asked how you could tell malice from incompetence; some talked about rights and systems.

This is me thinking them through -- and discussing how very non-super villains can be the greatest danger of all.

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The news continues to develop almost faster than I can type analyses. But I've tried to round up the most critical updates from the past few hours, together with a discussion of what they mean.

The short version is this: we're seeing the formation of an "inner circle" of government, including Trump, Bannon, Miller, Kushner, Priebus, and possibly Flynn and Conway, who have been taking deliberate steps to hobble the ability of all other parts of government – the rest of the Executive branch, Congress, and most especially the courts – from controlling them. Somewhat unexpectedly, they went straight for an attempt to grab extraordinary physical powers over people (yesterday's Muslim ban), rather than trying to boil the frog slowly; in the context of other moves taken over the past week, this starts to look like a coherent strategy.

Power, including the power to execute every one of the things that Trump promised to do during the campaign, is the primary goal; money, in large, untraceable quantities, appears to be the secondary.

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In the past week, the US has gotten its first introduction in a while to the Russian notion of "kompromat" – compromising material quietly acquired (or sometimes manufactured) and used for blackmail or for more overtly political purposes.

Since there's every reason to believe we'll be seeing a lot more of this in the years to come, Julia Ioffe has written a helpful introduction to its nuances, and to one of its great masters, Vladimir Putin.

Not Putin as the unquestioned leader of Russia: Putin's reputation for skillful use of kompromat goes back to his previous job, as head of the FSB.* In fact, it was Putin's masterful use of the technique against a Prosecutor General in early 1999 which helped cement his rise to the presidency.

* The FSB was the domestic branch of the national police, split off from the KGB by Gorbachev at the end of 1991. Putin, who had been a KGB officer since 1975, was its head from 1998 to 1999, when he became Prime Minister. It remained the largest Russian intelligence agency until last September, when the SVR (the old foreign directorate) was folded back into it, and the combined organization renamed the MGB. This re-merger is still in progress and is expected to take several more months.

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To my backcountry ski buddies : Time to get one of these if you don't already have one

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Brilliant troll
I love that he's been sitting on this for 8 years. Some serious dedication to the art of long-form trolling.

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Skiing at Bow Summit with Reade and Keaton

It was raining on the drive up, but it turned to snow as we got to Bow Summit.

A nice early season day

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