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I predict it won't be long until the 2000 item limit will be changed in Ingress :)

New permissions required by "Cut the Rope" from Zeptolap:

"Your applications information / Retrieve running apps"
"View Wifi-connections"
"Your accounts"

NOT COOL, this is a game I payed for, and now it's full of adds, and they feel it's ok for them to know what other apps I use, and WHO uses my phones?

I don't have a problem with games/apps developers that want to know how I use their app, but I'm NOT ok with them snooping on what else I do with my phone.

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Did some Ingress binging on Saturday and got around 400k AP, today I did some more refined work, and managed to hit 5M AP exactly. That it happened at 5 o'clock was by total chance, I didn't even notice until I watched the screenshots later :)
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En del portal kom online idag, her er listen for øst sjælland.

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Hilarious: Pictures from a developer's life

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Ingress logo rendered on a 8x8x8 led cube.
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Extremely cool Wub Wub Chip (if that is not a genre, it should be :)

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I finished building the cube yesterday, and it looks awesome :)

Today I'm optimizing the multiplexing code; It can now handle 32 levels of intensity (linear, before gamma correction).

The inner loop is down to:
PORTB &= ~0b00000010;
if((uint8_t)*framep++ > (uint8_t)intensity_cycle) PORTB |= 0b00000010;
PORTB |= 0b00000100;
PORTB &= ~0b00000100;

this takes 11-12 cycles, but it is run 8*8*8 * 50(fps) * 32(intensity levels) times per second, so the 16MHz controller is spending most of the time just bit banging :)

The code generated by gcc is quite nice:
 935 03ba 2998        cbi 0x5,1   ; 2
 936 03bc 2081        ld r18,Z    ; 2
 937 03be 6217        cp r22,r18  ; 1
 938 03c0 00F4        brsh .L19   ; (1)-2
 941 03c2 299A        sbi 0x5,1   ; (2)
 942                .L19:
 945 03c4 2A9A        sbi 0x5,2   ; 2
 946 03c6 2A98        cbi 0x5,2   ; 2

The only way to speed this up, is to rewire the cube, and use the SPI hardware shifter instead of bit banging, this way, a bit will only take 2 cycles to shift out, and the cpu is idle in the 16 cycles it takes to shift 8 bits.
Not enough time to prepare the next 8 bit (8*(load(2c) + compare(1c) + shift(1c))), but still a few times faster than the current version.

Do portal now loose 15% per day?
In my local area I can now see some portals where all the resonators are at 85%, the only explanation that I can come up with, is that the daily energy drop have been changed from 10% to 15%.
Have anybody else noticed this?

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Just testing sharing of android apps.
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