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WordPress has become the go to Content Management System (CMS) for so many website owners over the years, simply because it's so easy & versatile to use.

In this report you will find out the best plugin to use as well as some tips & tricks you can implement to help improve things such as:
Page speed, Google page rank, Social signals and so much more.

Get your copy of WordPress SEO 101 for FREE & start today.

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[Rant] Are there expiry dates for products used as bonuses?

We understand the greatness of being offered an abundance of products to make one purchase.

But does that give marketers the excuse to give you products that are not up to date?

Please leave your opinions in the comments section of the article.

#bonusproducts #affiliatemarketing

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There are a lot of bloggers/website owners that throw so much information at you on how marketing campaigns should be done and they will tell you their own opinion on how you should be blogging it's hard to know what is up and what is down.

We at Orion Digital started back at the beginning of this year and we have had to start from nothing and build up through the ranks of google. Which we did.

We have put together an article that explains what to stay away from with your blogging and marketing campaigns and what you should be looking at doing instead.

#blogging #marketingcampaign #contentcreation #content

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[RANT] Are you neglecting your helpdesk?

Helpdesks are one of the most important parts of a successful business.
They are there to offer "help" to the people that might have questions or to fix a problem they have with a product or service you are offering.

Understand how helpdesks should be used to offer the best support possible as well as how they are used in the worse possible way by some marketers in the article below.

We would love for you to let us know if you have had similar experiences and how it made you feel in the comments section of the post.

#customersupport #helpdesk

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If you have ever bought a product online then undoubtedly you will have come across a thank you page.

With that in mind did you know there are lots of different formats and are you making the most of yours?

Leave a comment with your opinions on this topic in the comments section.


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Are you writing for yourself and not for your readers?


Should we be putting our colloquialisms into our writing?

Find out how we feel in the article, and please don't hesitate to leave your opinion in the comments section.

#contentwriting #writingforreaders

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Writing content is something web owners do on almost a daily basis.

How can you improve your content writing skills so that you gain more readers and become an authority in your niche?

#contentwriting #content #writing

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If you are on the internet as a content creator or just a surfer for information, everyone has suffered from information overload at some point.

Many marketers use this to their advantage, as well as using people's shiny object syndrome to create sales on mass.

But do you know its happening?
Find out more about this in the article below.

#informationoverload #shinyobjectsyndrome

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Have you heard of the term "Target Phrase" if so you know that it's an important part of your keyword strategy.
If not then a "Target Phrase" is what your article or content is at its roots.

If you have or haven't heard of this term you will all know about keyword Optimization and how important that is.

Our question to you is do you know how to get the most from your keyword optimization? find out more about this topic in the article below.

#keywordresearch #keywordoptimization #articlewriting

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Every blogger/website owner wants to create content that their readers want more of and can't wait to have more of.

How do we create content that our visitors crave?

Find out in the article below.

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