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Johanna Garcia Stomel
I'm not a fighter, I'm an administrator.
I'm not a fighter, I'm an administrator.

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The Virtual Herald Blogging, that is.
It's been almost two years since I've made a blog post. After much though, I realized that it's because I have figured out that the Face Book page format is the one that works best with the type of reporting I do.  Plus, if I need to do a post event court r...

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Here are my poor pictures from my Camera phone.  Enjoy!
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Hi Guys!

Diving into G+ with my very own Page!  Check it out and add it to your circles!  

Hey y'all... agent Jeru here. I had a job interview @ ASU and am taking advantage of the fact that my parking is paid. Anyone in the area want to meet up to ho on walk about, ill be at the horse statue by the WP Carey School of Business. Walkabout starts at 430

I'm staying at the Francisco Grande resort Herr in casa Grande this weekend. No portals in the immediate area, so ill submit a bunch. 

Greetings from Atenveldt!

THL Jerusha a'Laon here, known as Johanna Garcia Stomel in the modern world.  Getting back into G+ since I'm playing Ingress and I figured I should hop on the SCA community here too.  I'm known as The Virtual Herald.  I have a twitter and FB page.  If there is enough interest, I can create a G+ page too, but most of my activity is centered around the western half of the US, which appears to be FB heavy.

I'm currently Regalia Officer for Atenveldt and general fundraiser, volunteer, and rabblerouser.  Nice to meet y'all!


Greetings from Arizona!

Just started this game on Saturday and getting into the swing of things. Looking forward to interacting with all of you.

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