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Does anybody know how to map a keyboard command to run an application using a registry key?

I'd like to map win + T to open a command prompt.

And if that works, maybe even win + shift + T to open up a cygwin BASH prompt.

Any help would be awesome.


Post has attachment This is awesome. Get the "Open BASH prompt here" in all your contexts menus!

I spend no less than 5 hours a day in front of a computer keyboard and sometimes (like this week) where I have some project to finish I could spend up to 12+ hours in front of my computer keyboard. Recently my wrists have been killing me and I want to know what you guys use for computer keyboards to reduce hand strain?

Does anyone know where I can find the crypto-dev tools for arch? a search for crypto-dev tools in the repos doesn't turn up with anything resembling a C library for basic cryptography development. 

i created a directory called `rubyProj` today with the mkdir command. `ls` shows the new directory as `ruby\302\211\302\211Proj` what's up with all the random numbers and backslashes?

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