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I can see your house from here
I can see your house from here

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Anyone knows what this means?
There was a problem and your merge could not complete
ERR:Response Code: 502. 

Hello all, I have several email accounts I run from inside my gmail account. What's the easiest way to use a certain account to send emails out of using autoCrat?? Thanks

I was trying to use autoCrat yesterday for the first time in Firefox on my MAC. Doesn't work in Firefox at all!!! Switched to Chrome... it works in there well partly. When creating the PDFs for the merged documents some of the data used in the sreadsheet (namely part of the address) come up as 'UNDEFINED' and gets placed into the mail piece like that.
What can I do to remedy this?? Can't send mail with UNDEFINED in the address... thanks in advance.

Hello! I am trying to run autoCrat for the first time since it's reinvention. It's not working for me at all. It hangs the computer everytime I try to run it from the spreadsheet. What am I doing wrong? How could I restart, fresh and ADD-ON autoCrat again?

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