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I wish I could disable the "Added you on Google+" notifications in the red-badge thing, but there's no such setting.

I get tons of those notifications, and most look a lot like spam accounts, so I never even look. The red badge means nothing to me — it's just something I click on and blindly clear.

I actually do care about notifications when someone shares a post with me or mentions me in a post, but the over-notification of new followers is desensitizing me to all notifications.
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there's an app for that, no really> Chrome extension. I downloaded it, although I'm not smart enuf to make it work :)
I know, but I'm not big on loading up with unnecessary browser extensions. Too many potential side effects.
Whiner :O).... but you're right, ever since I started adding these extensions my hair's been falling out and I've been gaining weight... Or maybe that's because I'm on G+ all the time. Shoot, no way to isolate the variables, dang.
Kinda goofy that they left that out, but I agree, you should be able to turn off individual notifications including the red badge entirely. It seems that they are pretty responsive with that sort of stuff if you send feedback.
I don't think they left it out, I think it's been purposefully built in. The more little red notifications, the more people using other Google services (gmail, calendar, docs etc..) will peek back in.

It's made the notification badge useless.
I've had many many people who I've never heard of add me on Google+ in a way I've never seen on Facebook and rarely seen on Twitter.
I think they purposely designed it that way so you can never truly "blackout" Google+ notifications (and by extension, G+), therefore preventing "out of sight, out of mind".

Perhaps sharing each blog post made on would help the signal to noise ratio? While your Circle notifications would likely increase as a result, so would meaningful comments and mentions, meaning less chance of a notification tray click being wasted. Worth a try, and at the very least you'd get a potential podcast discussion topic out of it.
I think i really simple solution to this problem is for g+ to have default circle called following(forget if it was there when i joined) and anyone you add DOESN'T get a notification. To me following inherently means we aren’t friends and they probably wont want to add me. But I also agree with +Tory Briggs, this is a feature, not a bug.

G+ is better than facebook so I'm here for a while. Circles are great, and i love the ability to edit my comments after i have posed them.
It's a feature for Google; it's a design flaw for us. Remember, it's free, so we're not the users, we're the product.
At least all the "added you" notifications get consolidated together to keep other, more personal notifications in view.
Jack Holt - Aren't all social networks free? I know you're just taking a jab at Google, but still, at least make it a legitimate jab. :)
Richard Hoppes - It's been a common topic on 5by5 podcasts recently about how we are the product free services such as Google and Twitter sell to advertisers. They sell our eyeballs, or mouse-clicks to advertisers. There are no free services.. someone is paying for them. If you are not buying.. you are being sold. Look at the Kindle pricing model.
Matthew - I know, I listen to most of them.
+Richard Hoppes It's a legitimate jab. So it applies to all the big social networks.We just happen to be talking about Google here. I usually hear it applied to Facebook more than anything.
I usually hear 5by5 hosts and listeners apply it to Google, almost exclusively.
This is weird this level of granularity isn't available in the web app cause this is available in the iPhone app. 
+Frank Poliat , what extension can i use to clear the unlimited notifications I get?
I actually want to see posts that mention me, as often I'm being quoted as endorsing something I have either not authorized or haven't a bloody clue what the product is about; so I'm fine with with what Marco called "over-notification" - it recalls the quote, "Keep your friends close but your enemies closer."
+Brent Hoover he is not an edge case. i have no podcast or iOS app and I am tired of seeing the notifications. They show up only in 10's.

meaning if 100 people add me, I have to clear it 10 times. they should make it possible to clear them all.

That is not a big deal.
Does unchecking "Adds me to a circle" not work? If not, there's always filters.
I've actually taken to only paying attention to the red box if there's a number 2 or higher in it. Otherwise I don't bother unless I'm feeling overly OCD about clearing the notification.
Well, I just added you to my circles and I'm not spam ;) Big fan of your work.
Count me in! And I'm not even spamming you!
Tilt Scroll on the Android! Great.
Sitting, yes, supine, not yet.
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