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I'm-a Just Mad About Saffron
Putting it lightly; and much to Donovan's dismay, yellow has never been a colour I've been particularly fond of. However when I first discovered luxury brand  Bordelle  I couldn't help but fall in love with their Lady Citron bodice bra, which was available ...

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Kiss Me Deadly Catwalk And Cabaret Extravaganza!
At the beginning of May I attended my first ever
"lingerie event" with my good friend Becca Pointeau. Followers of my
blog will be aware of my love for the vintage inspired Kiss Me Deadly , and
staying true to the brand; their take on a catwalk show was som...

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The Kiss Me Deadly panty-girdle currently for sale on my eBay shop has been featured on this lovely pick of the top 5 lingerie buys on eBay by Estelle of Esty Lingerie! eBay might seem like a strange place to buy lingerie but there certainly are some bargains to be had.

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New review, plus links to the new Facebook page, my eBay lingerie sale, and my lingerie accessory Etsy shop!

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Lingerie Review: Gossard Retrolution Underwire Bra
Gossard is one of the  names when it comes to lingerie brands, particularly in the UK. The brand was founded way back in 1901 when the founder was inspired after seeing how a specially made corset was able to transform the figure of Sarah Bernhardt on stage...

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Lingerie Review: Kiss Me Deadly Vargas Dress
Kiss Me Deadly is one of my all time favourite lingerie
brands, and when it comes to vintage style lingerie, I'm yet to discover
another brand that does it so well. I was lucky enough to stumble upon the
brand right when I first started to become interested...

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Fear And Loathing In Bra Fit And Body Image
When I was born I weighed barely over 5lbs and fitted into
the palm of my big sister's hand. A couple of years later a health visitor told
my mother that I'd never be any more than 5 feet tall. In school I was always
one of the smallest by far, and it wasn'...

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Lingerie Review: Lidia Harness From Karolina Laskowska
When I was a little girl I was taught to believe that visible straps were bad; bra straps showing from under a sleeveless top in Summer were a faux pas, and it was better to wear a vest top with nothing underneath than to risk bra straps being seen. Obvious...
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