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Fighting Cancer - The Cancer Survivors Bible
Everything That Everyone Should Know About Cancer.
Everything That Everyone Should Know About Cancer.


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Julie’s Ovarian Cancer Cure Story

Julie was a self-employed, 56-year-old woman, living in the Pacific Northwest when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. This is her story in her own words:

I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in 2003. The following is my story:

At the time of that diagnosis, three things were going on. I was hospitalized with life-threatening pulmonary embolisms that damaged my heart and lungs. I did not have any health insurance, and was already facing the loss of my lifetime savings and more. And I had a (in my opinion) healthy disrespect for the medical industry. Having to lose my home was not an option, as because, (as I explained to the doctor), if I had to lose virtually everything my late husband and I had worked our entire lives for and go live under a bridge somewhere, then the stress of that would kill me far faster than any cancer would. I felt that I had no option but to journey on alone.

Please understand that I would never, ever tell someone else what to do, or what to take. I can only tell you of my own personal experience. After the diagnosis, I began researching anything that I could do to help my body fight and heal. I changed my diet radically. I only bought organic! I stopped eating anything ‘white’ – sugar, rice, baked goods, etc. I switched to sprouted grain bread and rice, but cut way back on even those. I stopped eating beef and pork, and ate fish and some chicken. Vegetables became a mainstay in my diet, and I ate a lot more beans. I began cooking with a lot more healthy spices like turmeric, curry, ginger, garlic, (all of the Indian species). I continued to eat some eggs, raw cheese, and raw yogurt. I drink a lot of peppermint tea, which I always did love. I had always taken a daily supplements from an early age, but I added colloidal silver, essiac, nattokinaise, tripled my CoQ10 dose to 400 mg., cod liver oil, probiotics, and enzymes.

Perhaps the biggest change I made was mental. I’m not sure how to explain that transformation. I started meditation, and truly did believe that we all, as human beings, have the ability to heal ourselves. I read books on that subject to validate my belief of our God-given gift to heal. I acquired the ability to ‘meditate’ wherever I was, and was able to block out negativity even when around other people. I memorized a ‘mantra’ for myself that I mentally repeat numerous times throughout the day. Part of it goes like this, “I am healthy, I am happy. I am loved, I am loving. Divine healing has encompassed my entire being and has made me healthy and whole, and will manifest in all who ask. (That from Anthony Leggett). My body is free from any and all disease…” And so on… What I feel is most critical is that we must truly believe. It’s not just about ‘wanting’, it’s about believing in my opinion. It’s such a shame that doctors ‘sentence’ people to death almost. Instead of being positive, they give gloom and little encouragement other than ‘we can cut and radiate and poison’ and see what happens. Barbaric!

It is now almost ten years later, and I am at peace. I think fighting cancer is a two-fold battle. One aspect is the physical (giving our body what it needs to heal), and the mental, (opening our entire being to the miracle that truly is ours for the ‘asking’.) I know that it’s easier said than done for most people however, and I don’t make light of it.

I’m not sure how much help my story would be, because of course, I didn’t follow-up with expensive tests, etc. that I couldn’t afford under my circumstances. Initially, two tests were done in the hospital to confirm (differentiate from fibroid tumors) the original diagnosis but since then I haven’t had any tests to confirm the cancer is gone. But I am still alive and no test can confirm my health status better than the fact that I feel very well.

I you wish to read more inspiring first hand accounts from other cancer survivors and how they believe they beat cancer please download my FREE pdf of book 8 in my series Cancer Survivors’ Stories - 
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Is Dying of Cancer Optional?

I know for a fact that for many people – people who have lost loved ones to cancer – this question will seem grotesque.

But the fact that many people have died of cancer doesn’t mean that cancer is not curable. It is. It also doesn’t mean that the ways by which cancer can be cured are not known.

It is my belief that there are many ways of curing cancer – and that we know what they are. We may not have ‘proof’ but that’s something else again (a whole kettle of worms!)

No-one is saying that each ‘cure’ is 100% effective. But if these ways do cure cancer – even for a few – then it stands to reason that the more of these ways that you commit yourself to, the better your chances of recovering and becoming cancer-free again. The decision not to seek these ways out is a choice. The decision not to do them is a choice.

It is my calculation that if there is any substance at all to all the anecdotal stories (personal experiences are always categorised as ‘anecdotal’) that have come my way then if you commit yourself to 10-12 therapies then you are boosting your chances of recovering to well above 90%.

I have listed well over 100 possible therapies in my book The Cancer Survivor’s Bible at

So, not doing these therapies is a choice – if you know about them. No knowing about them may be the result of a decision not to look for them – which is a choice. Unfortunately, for some people, the idea that there might be something they can do beyond what their doctors suggest is simply not something they are aware of. Or they lack the confidence to explore these areas.

The question is: how can we spread this message?

It’s spreading fast but still I am finding very intelligent people completely disregarding natural approaches (because they are ‘unscientific’ or because they are in thrall to their doctors (and I completely understand why they would be, it’s a natural response to the supposed authority of Medicine)). That’s the choice they have made. They have to live with the consequences.

So let’s debate this question: Is dying of cancer a matter of personal choice? What do you think?

New Thoughts

Since posting this, I have been slightly uncomfortable that I have put this question in a way that will appear to be a matter of willingness (willingness to search out options) but I do understand that cancer, for the person who has the cancer, is an existential issue, and for those who have not gone through the journey and embraced their fate, a matter of profound fear. On top of that cancer carries with it its own physical burden – and there is the issue of having the energy and the commitment to persevere with a life prolonging strategy. So there is no moral issue, no suggestion of blame, attached to the question.

Finally, in relation to what I have called ‘the journey’ , Sheryl Malin, wrote the following (on my  Facebook Cancer Recovery Group site) which is so wonderfully expressed that I will leave it to say what it has to say:


It’s impossible, said pride. It’s risky, said experience. It’s pointless, said reason. Give it a try, whispered the heart. It’s early in the morning and this message came to me. I fear no more for I have managed the cancer. I trusted my heart to find another way to treat my cancer other than cut, poison, and burn. I also realized without having cancer I would have not met these amazing people that have taught me so much about life and I would have never experienced Mexico and their culture.

Through taking a detour in the road, I have better knowledge and have tried to educate others on other ways to control cancer. Through my journey I have been sharing my personal healing process in hopes that maybe your heart is whispering to you like it did me.

Through the knowledge that I have gained, I do not fear the unknown, I look past that and take each day with a grain of salt. The future will be full of experiences that will not be impossible for I took something bad and made it good. We all deserve to follow our hearts and choose our own journey, but first we have to research the unknown.

Research and you will find that life is not pointless. Your mind will grow full of hope and your journey will continue for many years.

To finish I must say that with our hearts we can change our fear of the unknown and give hope to our future. Enjoy the now, for the future depends on it.

Sheryl has a blog at
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Yesterday I was honoured to be the guest speaker at RAGE’s AGM. RAGE is a group of old ladies who were deliberately given high doses of radiation every other day (as opposed to smaller doses every day) on an experimental basis (they weren’t told it was an experiment) over 20 years ago. The result was that a good many of them were severely damaged. If this had been done in Russia and China or Syria or the Congo there would be outrage at what would be seen as a scandal. But the British media remains silent. No-one is prepared to take on the medical establishment. We no longer allow the police to police themselves but we are happy to let the doctors do so. There has never been an acknowledgement that this was an experiment from the NHS which has for years refused to apologise or take care of these women (it was only very recently that a specialist clinic has been set up to manage their situation – but proper intervention should have happened long ago). Radiation damage is progressive. It starts with tingling in the fingers and ends with unrelievable pain, bones that crumble and early death. Doctors at the Marsden Hospital, one of the hospitals involved in this scandal, reportedly refer to these women as ‘The Crumblies’.

The women would have been more than happy if the doctors had said: “I’m very sorry. What we did was a mistake. What we’ll do now is keep an eye on you and provide what help we can as and when needed.” Instead they said: “We didn’t do anything wrong. We are certainly not going to apologise. You’re a minority. Most women weren’t damaged. Your symptoms are all in the mind. Please stop bothering us. I don’t want to know what’s happening to you.”

Jan Millington, one of the founders and the Chairman of the group has had to live for decades with an arm that hangs limply without any feeling (It was broken for a while but she didn’t know). It was her right hand and as she was right-handed she has had to relearn to do everything with her left. A simply thing like slicing a lemon is almost impossible for her to do. Her collar bone is crumbling and cannot heal itself. Another woman showed me a huge sarcoma tumour that had invaded the irradiated area – her irradiated shoulder had also completely collapsed.

I simply cannot imagine how I would have responded to their situation, yet they continue to plug away at the NHS while the media continues to ignore them.

But in truth they were the less unlucky ones – the worst hit by this high dose experiment were the women who had pelvic cancers. I have written their story in The Cancer Survivor’s Bible – these women are almost all dead because of what happened to them.

You cannot sue a doctor as long as the general medical consensus is that the action was reasonable. This medical experiment was approved and therefore the women were unable to sue for the damage they were caused.
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Peter P. posted this on my Facebook Cancer Recovery site:

Is the apparent improvement in “breast cancer” outcomes a result of massive overdiagnosis!
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The following article (for which I am grateful to Evangelina A. who posted it on my Facebook Cancer Recovery group) describes the latest shots in the war between the cancer industry and the health rights of you and me:
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Cancer Survivor Stories – FREE BOOK!

Get a FREE BOOK – Cancer Survivors’ Stories

This book is an 94-page paperback that retails for US$8.99 (£5.99). It tells the stories of over two dozen people who chose to follow an alternative therapy approach to their cancers.

Their experiences illustrate the potential for benefit of following a non-conventional path.

Download a free PDF of Cancer Survivor Stories and send it to any of your friends who would be open to this information go to

This is one of eight books that are also available as a single volume:
The Cancer Survivor’s Bible.

Here is what Bill Henderson, author of Cancer Free, said of the book:
“You may feel that I talk too much about various books on the subject of natural healing. I do that because I know this is the only way for you to get educated enough to heal yourself. We are all going to die. No exceptions. But if you want to live a long and disease-free life, you have to educate yourself. No doctor or other expert is going to educate you. You are the only one who cares enough about your health to get smart about it.
I read an average of two books a week. They’re not all about health, but most of them are. Some are well worth the time. Others are a waste of time. But this is how I’ve learned to keep myself healthy and try to assist people like you to do the same. So, here is some wonderful reading material….


I have known Jonathan Chamberlain for several years. I know him because I admire the work he has done to get the message of natural cancer healing to people like you. This, his latest effort, is his best. He has compiled a true encyclopedia about natural cancer treatments — and allopathic cancer treatments. Do you want to know the effective uses of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy — and their many side-effects? It’s all here. Do you want to know all about PolyMVA, MMS, LDN, DMSO/MSM, Bentonite Clay, AHCC, CanCell, Modified Citrus Pectin, Essiac Tea, Digestive Enzymes, CoQ10 and hundreds more? This is your “Bible.”

This book tells you what cancer is; what the diagnostic tools are; what the pros and cons are of diagnosis, surgery, radiation and chemotherapy; how to protect yourself from damage; what the other new mainstream treatments are; why cancer research is failing to come up with cures; what the alternative therapies are that many people are doing — often with great success; the additional diagnostic tests you might want to consider; the detox regimes; the diets, herbs, vitamins, supplements and many other approaches that have helped; it tells you what the issues and arguments are in relation to these approaches. There is an extensive discussion of cancer research and the politics of medicine — because it is only when we understand the conceptual frameworks that we can truly understand which side of the war of ideas we stand on.

In the 19 years since his wife died of cancer, Jonathan has collected a mountain of information about cancer healing. It’s all here. This book is really a complete update of his previous book called “Cancer: The Complete Recovery Guide.” That book has been broken down into eight shorter books on various subjects. These are available, too, from

To learn more about Jonathan, just go to his website:”

You can read – I highly recommend it – Bill Henderson’s newsletter at
Also here is a link to a review posted on the ANH website
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