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Kathleen McDade
Writer, mama, Xtracycle rider, bicycle commuter, cook and gardener
Writer, mama, Xtracycle rider, bicycle commuter, cook and gardener

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Kidical Mass Ride, May 24, 2014, 2 p.m.  Starts at Ventura Park Playground, SE 113th and Stark

Every once in a while somebody lures me over here. What's up?

I'm announcing that I'm going to work. Even though +Aaron Hockley and +John Metta are probably the only ones reading this.

Why is it #007riday ? Google+ is weird.

I've just eaten my breakfast without using Facebook or Twitter at all (G+ is easier to access because I was already in Gmail.

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Amtrak clearly doesn't get it.

Case in point. There is a train that runs from Seattle to Portland, but it doesn't get into Portland in time for most day workers. If I want to ride the train from Longview, WA to Portland, a 50 minute ride, it will cost me $28 for a RT ticket. If I want to take my bike with me, they will charge me another $5 each way - for a total of $10 bucks.

100s, if not 1000s of people commute from this area to Portland everyday. If they had an earlier train, and charged a little less, I'm certain they could fill that almost empty train.

I looked at multi-trip passes, and other opportunities to save money. They don't offer a multi-trip pass from this area to Portland. What are they thinking?

Here's an idea. If the traditionalists at Amtrak don't get it, maybe the City of Portland, or Metro could subsidize the commuters. It will be better on the environment that eliminating plastic shopping bags, spending the money to build more roads and parking spots, and will benefit everyone.

It's a shame, really.

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If you didn't know...sometimes I write about children's literature, too. In this post, I'm not impressed with the Boxcar Children graphic novels.

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Do you like home-grown tomatoes?
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