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Martin Slagle
of all things i've ever lost, it's my mind I miss the most.
of all things i've ever lost, it's my mind I miss the most.
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I actually made these before the bench but didn't get a chance to photo them until after. Made in the same style and methods as the writing desk, it's now a set. :P  Thanks to Steve over at for the inspiration.

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Too long
 It's been far too long sing I put something here. I've been dealing with stuff. But, here we are again.  I was able to get out into the garage/shop again a few days ago and work on a project or two I'd been meaning to get to for a week or more. I finished ...

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please help if you can
 I will freely state that I did not know this even existed until I
checked one of the blogs I recently found and this is totally NOT my
idea, but I’m spreading the word. April Wilkerson is a woodworker who’s blog of the day told of an email she’d received...

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Wall Cabinet
I didn't do a "progress blog" on this one because it only took me about an hour to make. Not really worth it.  The old cabinet that this was is was 24"x24"x12" and I was always digging around in it for stuff. I replace that with this one: It's 36" tall x 18...

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Done enough
Well, the finish and the glue are still drying but I’m gonna call
this done. It’s not perfect, there are flaws that I know where they are
but, as I built it out of scraps and stuff I found, I think it’s darn
good. I’m putting this in my room tonight!

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Finishing (not done)
Today I got the drawers built for the desk. I would have liked to
have used some good quality 1/2 ply for the drawer sides but I couldn’t
find any, so I used a 1/4 sheet of OSB that I got from a construction
site. I put another 1/4 sheet of OSB for a tem...

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Well assembly is now firmly under way. Adding 1/8” facing to the inside of the center spine so it’s flush with the bottom rail and center post. Here’s the carcase, glue is drying on the facings, but otherwise assembled. YAY! First pair of drawer slides inst...

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attention Wil Wheaton:
Johny Dangerously: Moroni at Court

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It's got legs...
I finally decided to taper the legs for the desk. A picture of my tapering jig One of the legs All four, done. you can see the color differences in the legs made
from two different woods. I’m not too worried about it, though, as I
plan on putting the 2 pi...
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