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The motorcycles of Legoland.
Motorcycles of Legoland, September 2012 (6 photos)
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If you haven't checked out the RICON site in a while, you should. We've announced many awesome speakers, including Dana Contreras of Twitter, Matt Ranney of Voxer, and Eric Brewer of Google (and UC Berkeley). Even my talk description is up now.

By the way, I also have discount codes to share.

Basho is hosting a distributed systems conference in SF in October. I'll be there. You should be too.

The ironic thing about G+ insisting on "real names" is that I often find it hard to tell if I've found the right person anyway. If I don't already have their G+-linked account in my address book (as is often the case with, for example, new coworkers or conference acquaintances), and they haven't shared much publicly (via profile or stream, as seems common with many G+ users), the only other indicator I have to go on is who they have in their circles.

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Significant features from the Picasaweb interface are unavailable (or non-obvious to me) in the Google+ Photos interface (copy/move to another album, for instance). Making me reconsider where I host my photos.

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I may be alone in this, but after encountering this confusion again after a couple of months of acclimation, I feel compelled to raise the problem Gmail has with overloading the "up and left" arrow.

Attached are two images capturing different uses of the shape. One is clearly labeled "Reply". The other is familiar only to Android users and people who remember what function was to the left of the Archive button before the themes changed.

Yes, the arrows are in two different places. Unfortunately, I spent too many years in other mail clients where the reply button was in the top left corner of the window. Before this button arrived, believe it or not, I'd sometimes click Archive, unconsciously expecting the button in that location to be Reply.

Yes, one arrow is rounded and the other is square. Years of recognizing characters in different fonts, and understanding stylized signage, seem to have trained me out of caring about the subtle features of the shape, though.

I've learned to love the keyboard shortcuts that Gmail provides, so I'm only rarely caught by this confusion. I do think it's funny in the context of this confusion, though, that the QWERTY keyboard places these shortcuts in the same finger position on opposite hands – 'r' and 'u'.
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I've spent so long filtering my internet posts, sharing only that with which I'm comfortable being public, that the ability to say things to restricted groups of people really hasn't sunk in. This is complicated by my thoughts surrounding every filter-approved post: If I'm okay with it being public, why post it to Google+ instead of one of my existing public spaces?

More experimentation is necessary.

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