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I often wonder about the things I do. I start off passionate, wanting to try something new, to go
all out in doing it, and later on reap the rewards and benefits gained from it.
The toil; The hard work; The labour. I often wonder whether these things are wo...

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Amidst the Noisy Crowd
Amidst the
noisy crowd, The lively
chatter; the unrestrained laughter, Stood there
a young man, Silent;
reflective, Deep in the
labyrinth of his thoughts. In the
centre of the din, The hustle
and bustle; the uncontrolled atmosphere, Stood there
a young man,...

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"It's so hot today, why can't it just rain? All we have is sun, sun, sun.... Doesn't the sun get tired from shining all day? Just take a rest already..." "What? Rain again? I wanted to just dry my clothes. Why must it rain so much? The rain clouds can alway...

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Another day, another class. Just as I began altering my mindset to relaxed mode, the lecturer seemed to utter something undesirable. I did not really catch what he said one bit. The last class of the day was over. The day was done. "Hey you, what did he say...

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I never knew what the point of homework was. All I knew was that I had a ton of it to complete before the day ended. In primary school, the completion of a stack of books of various subjects was welcomed by another stack the next day. The teacher in primary...

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