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Thank you for keeping me In Good Company.
Thank you for keeping me In Good Company.

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More Than a Before: A Battlecry
More Than a Before I lost the weight before, 100 pounds shed. Forgotten were my adolescent days of starvation, Purging myself down to 89 pounds; wheelchair bound. Adulthood is different, Fat is shameful, unhealthy. Fat is sweaty, lazy, disgusting. Fat is fu...

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My 2016 in Blurbs and Pictures
L ast year was not my best year in keeping my blog updated.  It was a busy year with rough patches.  Politics and social justice occupied much of my mind, and health issues and attempting to simply get through each day occupied the rest. I feel like since 2...

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Taking My Power Back
I t’s possible this is one
of the most difficult pieces I have written.  
Because when you hide something from even yourself for so long, it
becomes swathed in shame.  Recent
narrative in the media has finally given me the words I needed to be able to

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Trunk Club
I have a love-hate
relationship with shopping.   I love looking around, eyeing and feeling
all of the fabrics.  I love seeing all of the new seasonal
colors and putting together outfits.  I love finding a new shirt or dress that
really makes me feel like a ...

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Peace Settles In
P eace.  Peace is a feeling I have been unsuccessfully
trying to achieve for the past two years. 
Contentment has evaded me; serenity out of reach. For the past two years, depression has been swallowing me
whole, and anxiety has been eating away at my brain...

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Muffin Tops and Mickey Mouse
L ast weekend my mom came up for a visit.   Sometimes, even as an adult, you just need
your mom.  Sometimes I like to think she
needs me too.  I’m lucky that once I grew
up, she and my sister, Ber, became my very best friends. Per usual, Mom and I spent the...

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Infertility: 2 Years Later
I have been suffering from a serious case of writer’s
block.  Not in the sense of that
there are no words pouring from my brain, but in that there is so much swirling
around that I haven’t been able to make sense of any of it. Maybe that’s not entirely true...

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Anxious Bedfellow
Before I begin, I wan to share this powerful comic I found here , that was created by The Awkward Yeti .  It is the most accurate description of living with anxiety and depression I have ever seen. I  have a habit of writing about hard days after the fact. ...

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Healthy Relationships
I don’t know if I will
ever have a healthy relationship with food or my body.   I can’t remember a time when anything about
that part of my life has been normal.  I
cannot fathom what it would be to look like in the mirror and not be filled with
disgust.  S...

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Dear Miss Kindergarten
D ear Miss Kindergarten, Tomorrow I’m handing over to you my baby.  Oh I know he’s not really a baby anymore, but
he is my baby.  In my mind I still see him as a premature
newborn, defenseless, hooked up to so many machines, unable to breathe on his
own.  T...
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