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Enrique Sada
I like technology and outdoors too.
I like technology and outdoors too.
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en un ejercicio por mantener mi sanidad me estoy yendo cada vez mas temprano al trabajo / in an excercise for keeping my sanity I'm leaving earlier for work

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A labor of love. Simply amazing #goonies  

Ya nada mas hoy!!!

ya nada mas hoy mañana y pasado

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Who remembers a time before broadband

I was still buying from #samsung because of having the option of replacing a battery or swapping sd cards.

Having a removable SD card also makes it easier to recover data in case the phone no longer works.

Time to look into the likes of cubot, feiteng, star, etc, etc

ojalá dieran incentivos para que la gente no tuviera familia. Al parecer  a los dueños del gobierno les conviene mas que el mundo este sobrepoblado

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gotta check it out
If you have a Note 2, definitely check out the latest CyanideL ROM, it's freakin' AWESOME, you will get latest Android 5.1, root, and LOTS of customization, all working flawless.

Download & Details Here:


I only trust journalism done by independent folks on the internet, those who don't report to conglomerates, the goverments and whoever owns the goverments

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Take the social out of social apps and you'll find there's plenty left to fool around with.
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