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The market for real estate is extremely good at the current time which means it is good time to acquire a license and take advantage the peak demand.

To become a real estate agent is a major undertaking. Few licensees dreamed of becoming real estate salespeople when they were little boys or girls. Rather, they may have entered the business during a period of life transition-such as divorce or job displacement. The major question is, "How do I become a real estate agent in South Dakota?"
Becoming a real estate agent in South Dakota requires a state license. The state regulates it’s own real estate licensing process. How To Become A Real Estate Agent in South Dakota
General Requirements to Qualify to Become a Real Estate Associate Broker/Sales Agent.
18 Years of age or older
116 Hours of South Dakota pre-licensing real estate Course education
US citizen or South Dakota Resident
Passing score of 75% on real estate licensing exam
Pass the South Dakota real estate license examination
You will have to decide if real estate is something you could do successfully. Is Real Estate Right For You in South Dakota?
Determine if you are a self-starter, can I discipline myself to do the tasks needed for success. Am I able to communicate with people effectively? Decide whether you are afraid of people or not ( that seems like a dumb question, but trust me after training thousands of agents the problem is a major one). Last, can I set goals and achieve them consistently
Your own job description of office management, paperwork, prospecting leads, developing relationships, managing contacts, and dealing with buyers and sellers.
Ask a friend that is successful in the real estate business if you can spend a day or two accompanying him/her as they go about their daily tasks in real estate.
Learn what are South Dakota’s Real Estate Licensing Requirements. You learn them by visiting South Dakota’s webpage is:
Checkout the pre-licensing classes available in South Dakota.
Realty Center School of Real Estate offers a combination course about half of the course is online through Dearborn Publishing and half attending in person classes by David Anderson and Daryl Skancke for about a week. Our website Adress:
In South Dakota you will want to avoid a course that is strictly online because online courses are woefully inadequate for simulation testing. AMP testing service has contracted with South Dakota to administer the State’s exam testing program. AMP has a contract with 13 states to administer the exams, South Dakota is 1 of them. South Dakota has had single licensing for 10 years which means South Dakota doesn’t license Sales associates. South Dakota only licenses Brokers. Eleven other states with AMP contracts license Sales Associates first, which means they don’t take a simulation exam to be licensed to sell real estate in those States. South Dakota because the State only offers Brokers exams the student applicant has to take the simulation exam. The problem is that the Student/applicant has no experience in real estate office policy or transaction experience. This is a tremendous disadvantage to the South Dakota exam taker. The student/applicant desperately needs personal instruction on taking the simulation exam successfully. Online courses are wonderful for Multiple choice exams, but fall short explaining how to successfully pass simulation exams
Enroll in a Real Estate Pre-licensing Course that offers all of the course in personal classroom instruction or a combination course like what Realty Center School of real estate offers. Website address:
Taking the real estate licensing education will not be easy, but it will also be the gateway to a successful career as a real estate professional.
After completing the course apply To Take the Real Estate Broker Associate Exam
Make sure you are following the application process with South Dakota so you can sit for your real estate agent exam soon after you finish your real estate classes. The process in South Dakota includes a fee of $190.00 ( 2 parts $95.00 for each part). South Dakota requires you submit fingerprints and pass a background check. This can take two weeks to process. In South Dakota the course work must be complete before you can schedule your exam date.
Pass the Real Estate Salesperson Exam! This can be more difficult than you may think. Taking the license exam is not easy so you must be prepared. If you have a negative result review by going back to your study material as soon as possible and then schedule a new exam date immediately after your review. Each time you take each part of the exam, AMP will charge you $95.00 for that part. The State exam is a 2 part exam.
Go to the exam location with a clear mind, answer the questions using knowledge you accumulated in your studies, and walk out with a passing grade on your state real estate exam!
You will become a Real Estate Agent When you have made your application ($225.00 for Application) to the State with your certificate from your pre-license school and the successful results of the State exam. About 2 weeks later the State will issue a license to the real estate office that you chose to associate with.
A real estate Broker Associate (agent) is licensed to act on behalf of a responsible broker and may not act as a real estate agent independently.
Finding a real estate broker in your licensing process. Keep in mind that there are a number of items to consider when finding the right real estate brokerage like who is going to train me? What kind of mentoring program does the Broker have for me? If your new the last consideration should be what commission rate am I going to get.
Good luck on becoming licensed, It is a very rewarding career for many people!
If you are ready to begin the journey to being licensed to sell real estate in South Dakota call me at: 605-366-0135 email me at: or visit my website at:

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Real Estate classes to be offered tp persons wanting to qualify for the real estate exam to aquire a real estate license to sell real estate

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Classroom session to begin for week of January 8th. 2018. on Real Estate  Pre-license 

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Video about the problems encountered by students taking online real estate course in passing the simulation portion of the South Dakota real estate exam.  Almost have to have in person instruction to pass!

if you are ready to begin a real estate career go to:

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