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David Orr
Graphic designer. Natural history nut. Secular humanist boogeyman.
Graphic designer. Natural history nut. Secular humanist boogeyman.

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Return to Evolving Planet
A line of people snakes through the north entryway, populated mostly by locals taking advantage of a promotion offering free entry for state residents. From the middle of a group of twentysomethings, I hear a man's voice express mild disappointment as he pe...

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Guest Post: The Music of Walking with Dinosaurs
Once again, we welcome Rohan Long to the blog for a guest post. Rohan is a zoology teaching guy at University of Melbourne. You can find him on Twitter @zoologyrohan and listen to his new musical project, Bronzewing, at . You may rec...

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Sauropoda Coat of Arms
Long-time readers may remember that five years or so ago, I created a collection of dinosaur family crests . They proved to be a decent seller in my shop. Eventually, I decided to retire them, along with some other design collections, to keep the designs in...

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This Mesozoic Month: January 2017
In the News Living on an island devoid of giant theropods, Hatzegopteryx was an azhdarchid pterosaur that acheived a status few of its brethren could hope for: top terrestrial predator. Read more about this "shoebill-hornbill-terminator" from Mark Witton . ...

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This Mesozoic Month: December 2016
Happy new year! This month, after 90 installments over five years, Mesozoic Miscellany has evolved into a new form. The intent of these round up posts will be the same, but now they'll have a more fitting name: This Mesozoic Month . As the name implies, I p...

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Mesozoic Miscellany 90
Time for another Mesozoic Miscellany, gathering cool news, blogging, art, and more from around the web over the last month. One brief note about LITC first. If you're viewing us on the browser, you'll notice that we've added some ads in our sidebar via Proj...

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The Case of the Stolen Tylosaurus
Do the words "giant Antarctic mosasaur" get your attention? Sure they do. Why wouldn't they? Meet Kaikaifilu hervei . Everything Dinosaur has the story , or read the Rodrigo Otero et al's original paper for the princely sum of $37.95 at ScienceDirect . Unfo...

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The 2016 Dinosaur Gift Guide
It's that time of year again, and once more your trusty paleo-bloggers of LITC are here to offer some very cool dinosaur gifts sure to satisfy the enthusiasts of Mesozoic megafauna in your life. As in years past, we will focus on products that look cool, re...

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Romancing the Tyrant: A review of "My Girlfriend is a T-Rex" Volume 1
I'm happy to bring Tommy Leung aboard today for this guest post! He'll be reviewing the comic My Girlfriend is a T-Rex . A bit about today's guest contributor: Tommy Leung is a parasitologist / zoologist who writes a blog called Parasite of the Day where he...

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Mesozoic Miscellany 89: Conference-palooza Edition
Autumn is a huge time in paleontology happenings and October 2016 was no exception, with the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology meeting, TetZooCon , and the Dinosaur Society conference and Dinosaur Days festival all occurring within the month. So let's take...
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