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Just Polly running on on +Ubuntu Unity, +GNOME Shell and +elementary OS :)
(by +Georgi Karavasilev)
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Yoy're not affected by this, simply cuz you've added ur account before the bug appeared :)
But anyway according to what +Marcelo Hashimoto wrote in the LP, the bug shall be no more soon enough :)
Not that soon... It required some non-trivial stuff that's probably only going to land in 0.94. :-/
Take it easy, better slow down <insert-girl-replacement-here>, take it nice and slow, insert <does-you-mother-know-replacement-here> :D
#muststopwritingabbalyricseverywhere :D
Err, elementary does not have appmenu (or I have totally lost it).
You have the "cog menu", but it doesn't depend on appmenu libs and stuff? :P
Those screenshots will be sooo much better in GTK3, believe me...
+Georgi Karavasilev yep thats what I mean, and yes its just a plain gtk toolbutton with a menu, but I think it would be great if you could support it ;-)
Notice that on unity there is more room for content. I like that.
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