Hello there all of you marvellous Polly users. Wanna contribute to Polly? If so and you believe you have artistic skills than here is your chance:
As of today we are announcing Polly wallpaper contest - this is basically a contest for you to create a wallpaper that is to represent Polly.

Requirements for participating:
A) There is no color or design restriction - every color is welcome and so it's every design, so you have to complete freedom to create something awesome
B) Size should be 1920x1080, but this doesn't mean that creating different sizes is not welcome. Just make sure you have 1920x1080 version. Adding any other resolutions of your choice is an advantage
C) The license should be CC
D) There is no restriction of what software you can use for creating it - GIMP, Inkscape, Photoshop etc...
E) It should be ready in one month from now

Winners announcements and prizes:
The winners will be announced shortly after the deadline. You will win eternal fame, your wallpaper will be on Polly website (it is still WiP) and life long supplies of cookies (ok, maybe not that).

If you are looking for feedback +Joern Konopka and +Georgi Karavasilev will be more than welcome to answer all your questions, no matter tedious or not.

If you feel like playing with some resources, here's a link to the Polly Icon Cheat Sheet for you to take apart (you don't have to use this of course!)

Good Luck!

(by +Georgi Karavasilev)
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