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New toy on the desk: Raspberry PI 3
before Christmas I've been to a “traditional” electronics and
surplus fair ,
here in Genoa, and bought myself, among other things, a Raspberry PI
3 (version B) board. My goal is to replace, as home server, the
Raspberry PI I bought two years ago in ord...

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Test drive: (Raspberry PI) Pixel on the EEEPC 900
own a Raspberry PI since
two years but I used it as headless server from the very
beginning . I have, almost, never seen its window manager apart
from some remote desktop experiment. I so learned only recently how latest
Raspbian released are shipped with...

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Merry Christmas
A sincere MERRY CHRISTMAS! and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! To all my readers and visitors

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Blog-Birthday Eight (a bit late)
Here we are, again, another year of blogging is passed. In spite of my last year promise of being more proficuous blogger my post writing rate has been even lower. Doing things and writing about them takes time and I'm not having a lot of spare time ultimat...

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Agile Justin Robot Classifying Materials By Touch Using Deep Learning

neat project
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LibGDX: The “Swiss Army Knife” of Java Games Programming
few readers might remember I sometimes explore, and play with, game engines and libraries. I
suppose it's a sort of “compensation” for my everyday work with not-so-exciting middle-ware and web-services projects. I
already posted about Slick2D libraries f...

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