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Aberdeen Aikido Club - Saku-Mei Kan
High quality instruction in the martial art of Aikido
High quality instruction in the martial art of Aikido


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The Venue
Our accommodation will be in Carronvale House, Carronvale Rd, Larbert,
Stirlingshire, FK5 3LH. The property is currently owned by The Boys Brigade, and
has accommodation for 65 people in a mixture of two, three and four bed rooms,
all en suite. Meals will be served in Carronvale House, with the exception of an
optional box lunch on the final day, and a buffet accommodation for commuters in
the sports hall. We will have full use of the grounds throughout our stay, which
include a lovely garden, 5-aside football pitch and tennis court. (Link to venue)
The Training
Training will be based on Chiba Sensei’s Four Pillars of:
Zazen Tai Jitsu Weapons Iai Batto-Ho
During this course, training will be organised into blocks, with each block
consisting of 4 hours of training broken down into sitting, tai jitsu, weapons, and
Iaido. There will be 4 complete blocks throughout the weekend.
Saturday:! 13.00 - 17.00
Sunday:! 08.30 - 12.30 14.30 - 18.30
Monday: ! 08.30 - 12.30
Additionally, there will be directed training for teachers. It is requested that each
teacher take a moment of self reflection and identify what they feel are their key
weaknesses in body art, weapons and Iai Batto-ho. These will be collected,
analysed, and used to construct an additional complete block for teachers,
focussing on weaknesses identified and running concurrent with the standard

Link to course :-
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Full Weekend - £35
Saturday - £20
Sunday - £20

Sat - 1-6pm  
Sun 10am-2.30pm

Open to all. Please bring bokken, jo and sword

For further details, please contact 07904 066555 or 01236 615500
email -
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We no longer train on Monday evenings. The class has moved to Tuesday evenings 6.30-8.30 at the Aberdeen Beach Leisure Centre.
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