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Gregory Reese, Graduate Student of Mathematics, San Francisco State University . . . ; ' ) da gator got me
Gregory Reese, Graduate Student of Mathematics, San Francisco State University . . . ; ' ) da gator got me
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The Bunny was born in May 2008 in Concord California. From 2008 to 2009 she lived with Jeanette, a Mexican American Jr. High School student. The Bunny learned alot about Mexican Culture and the Spanish human language while she lived with Jeanette and her family. In 2009 the Bunny was invited to attend high school at Vallejo High in California. The Bunny studied Algebra and Math Enrichment. She made many friends at school and she was very popular.
Many students were able to work twice as many math problems when the Bunny was sitting on their desk helping them. The only bad thing that happened to the Bunny at school is one time she accidentally peed on a student. In October 2009, The Bunny became the proud and loving mother of four baby bunnies. Although the Bunny herself has not returned to school, her four children spent 2 weeks in Algebra class in November 2009 where they immediately became the toast of the Vallejo High School Campus. They traveled to many classes accompanied by many different students and all the students reported that everyone was able to do a lot more school work when the bunnies were helping them. In December 2009 Gregory Reese left for Vacation in Virginia and the baby bunnies all moved to Bunny Central in Concord where the bunny lady found each bunny a family to live with. On the eve of Gregory Reese's vacation tragedy struck for the Bunny. Left alone in the back yard for a few hours the night before she was to go to Bunny Central for her two week vacation, the Bunny escaped into the wild. Gregory Reese and his parents and Jeanette cried many tears, put up lost bunny notices and ultimately gave the Bunny up for dead, all proclaiming they could never love another bunny. Then, a month later the news came, the Bunny was alive. The Bunny had been rescued by a wealthy family. The very day of the Bunny's escape she had hopped out of the working class neighborhood where she lives into the wealthiest part of the next city over. Hopping down the street, the Bunny had hopped right up to a kind and generous man who befriended the Bunny and spent many hours searching for the Bunny's family. While the Bunny was living with the rich people, she had her own private bedroom and bathroom in a loving home. The rich people offered a $200 reward for information to find the Bunny's family. When the Bunny came home, reunited with her family, many more tears were cried but this time tears of joy and happiness. Although the Bunny had spent a month living in a Cinderella castle being treated like a princess, she did not come home expecting more from her family than the same love she had always received.
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The presentation of information takes on many forms in modern technological society. Businesses utilize PowerPoint presentations to raise money, educate consumers and promote their products. YouTube videos present the public with practical explanations of how to perform complex and focused tasks. Accomplished teachers record and publish their inspiring and informative lectures. Educational institutions present organized curriculum and courses online. Software developers design learning games. Schools distribute IPads and notebook computers to give students access to electronic content. Online chat rooms and blogs connect learners in virtual classrooms to help each other and share what they know. These are all tools that improve education and the communication of knowledge. Motivated people make use of all these tools to learn content which they desire to know and to teach content which they desire for others to know. In public education, there is a place for all these effective learning strategies and public policy is adapting to make use of effective technology for learning. However, some aspect of education cannot be replaced by technology. The power of one person to mentor, inspire and guide another person cannot be replaced by cool techi-toys. The socio-economic forces that motivate a person to learn the skills they need in order to be productive cannot be replaced by slick PowerPoint slogans and images. The innate human drive to understand the mystery of our self, our purpose and our world cannot be replaced by how-to videos. The moral values of an individual will always be dependent upon interpersonal relationships  and commitments. In each case, the effective use of technology may make teachers more productive and connect the student with exactly the right teacher. But technology cannot motivate a student to learn or replace the teacher. I believe the most important and also most rewarding role of any teacher is mentoring young people to find the positive direction for their lives.
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