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Sian Morson

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Hard to find where to send a message around here, Im new to this social stuff. But im drinking the kool-aid. But YO!, we need to link and catch up. Awesome hearing from you. Keep me in the loop with what your doing!
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Sian Morson

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Kollective Mobile is now on G+
Kollective Mobile is the Bay Area's premiere mobile development agency.
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Sian Morson

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I finally blocked Robert Scoble in Google+. I have absolutely nothing against Scoble. I quite admire him, actually. He's a great asset to the startup scene and he works damn hard. I've met him a f...
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All -- this has nothing to do with +Robert Scoble. It has everything to do with the broken nature of social networks and the entire Web 2.0 ecosystem. Any system without Identity and fine grained data object graphs will continuous loop on this problem

Look at our history of unsolved problems to date:

1. Email Spam
2. Comment Spam
3. Real Names on G+
4. Facebook Privacy -- not to single out Facebook here as all the Web 2.0 driven social networks suffer from this problem.


1. Verifiable Identifiers as basis for InterWeb scale Identity
2. Fine grained Data Objects endowed with Identity that's distinct from their Representation and Data Access Addresses.

Until identity is appreciated and taken seriously, we'll be looping on this problem and making innocent people scape goats for no just reason.

Here's a somewhat accurate G+ search results URL that should resolve to prior posts I've made about these matters: .
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