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Welcome to
This is my personal blog with no particular focus, it is my personal views, experiences, and some family pictures. If it interests you feel free to take a peek. Remember to say Hello by responding to a post.

Nothing has brought me more contentment in life than simply being a good father.  #Number1Dad
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Our new family pet Sir Charles but you can call him Charlie. He is a double doodle which means he has hair not fur. He is a Golden Retriever mixed with a full sized poodle on one side and an Australian Labrador Retriever mixed with a full sized Poodle on the other side.
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Pixel XL is 8 months old and the display has a black line. All the tests indicate a hardware issue. Never dropped and always in case. Solution from google is send it back and tear it apart and maybe in two weeks I get it back.

And how do I run my business without my main form of communication, banking etc. I am shocked google will not replace this device under warranty. My nexus 6 had no such issues.

I think I am out of the google fold from here on forward, I am probably going to try an iPhone next to see if I can get better service with Apple.

See pics attached.... the black line does not display on a screenshot so I had to take a picture of my phone with my wife's Motorola which has NO issues.

24/7 service... right... try like 2 weeks

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The Kids at the Nursery on the weekend
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Canada has some of the nicest banknotes in the world.

#banknote #canada #150years

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A little bit of marketing
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Its not your provider, its your router. Set your modem into bridge mode to bypass your ISP router and install the LINKSYS WRT3200ACM AC3200 MU-MIMO GIGABIT WI-FI ROUTER and be amazed at your speed.

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Genuine Ford Prototype
HeHeHe, can you imagine driving this thing down the street. I bet it would turn a few heads.

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The kids will love this one...
Are you smarter than the dog?
Have you figured it out?
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