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Lisa Witherspoon
Mom, wife, blogger, mediocre cook, and wannabe writer
Mom, wife, blogger, mediocre cook, and wannabe writer


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Oh, Saturday!
Friday night, I waited up until midnight for my oldest daughter to get home from her high school homecoming dance. These days, I'm usually lucky to still be awake by 10pm, so midnight was tough. I was super glad I didn't have to set the alarm for any specif...

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Currently . . Fall 2017
Once October rolls in, it really starts to seem like fall to me. The temperatures are cooling off (finally!). The leaves are beginning to change and fall. We are (mostly) settled into our school routines. New seasons of our favorite shows are on TV during t...

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Why I'm Breaking Up With "BUSY"
When I think about last spring, it makes my blood pressure rise even now. Our schedule was absolutely insane. My three daughters were participating in at least two extracurricular activities EACH and those activities required me driving all over the county....

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A Few Things I Could Learn From My Kids
When our kids are young, it's mostly up to us to teach them all the things they need to know. We have to help them learn everything from toileting, to ABC's, to "stranger danger." It can be overwhelming, but, fortunately, we have some partners in this task....

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Summer Book Reviews 2017
With Labor Day upon us and the kids back in school, I think it's safe to say that summer is officially over which leaves me reminiscing about all the things we did (and didn't do) over the last three months. Back in June, I posted my list of Summer Reads . ...

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Our Last First Day of Middle School
I originally wrote this letter to my oldest daughter in August 2013 as she was about to begin middle school. At the time, it was brand new territory for all of us and we were both a little scared.  Two years later, I shared it with my middle daughter as she...

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Greatest Parenting Fears
I'm recently finished reading What She Knew   by Gilly MacMillan which was on my list of Summer reads . Basic synopsis is that, Rachel, a recently divorced mom, lets her son, Ben, run ahead of her in a park. She does this in an attempt to foster his indepen...

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August and Feeling Nostalgic
It's August, and, as usual l when this month rolls around, I am feeling rather nostalgic. You see, my husband, my oldest daughter, and my youngest daughter all have birthdays early this month. Top that off with back to school season which means moving up gr...

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Thoughts I Have While Shopping with my Daughters
I have three daughters who are currently ages 10, 12, and 15. With back to school right around the corner (or already happening for my oldest), the task of back to school shopping has become unavoidable. But, gone are the days of strolling through seas of p...

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Five Things I'm Savoring on Our Last Day of Summer Vacation
Wait - what?? Your LAST day of summer vacation??  Well, yes - kind of. As I explained previously , my oldest daughter attends a special high school program that runs on a college schedule. So, while the other two don't go back until late August, she goes ba...
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