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Jody Read
husband, father, gamer and lover of art, food and my wife and son! PSN: Iucidium_1982 (capital i)
husband, father, gamer and lover of art, food and my wife and son! PSN: Iucidium_1982 (capital i)


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One for the #Fortnite players #NoctilucentClouds
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Well that was a ride!
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Let me out!
Let me out!
This is not a dance

I'm begging for help
I'm screaming for help
Please come let me out!
I'm dying in a cage in the zoo!
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E3 day 1
personal faves
Holy shit.
•Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
•Fallout 76
•The Division 2
•DOOM Eternal
•PREY Mooncrash
•Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Tomorrow is going to be MENTAL
Animated Photo
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It's like Blackstar Bowie possessed Reznor!!
#NIN #GodBreakDownTheDoor
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Don't know how this will behave for you +Andre Louis like the drum patch's YOU showcased on YouTube but using Tensorflow AI
Beat Blender
Beat Blender
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Nice to read you are posting more on G+
The more sharing of positive change, the better!
Dammit, I'm going to start posting stuff on G+ again, not just videos, writing. We do put Fully Charged on dirty FaceBook but as numerous people have told me, 'that's not what it's for."
TBH, I don't care what FB is for, I don't use it and now I'm very glad.
So here's something else:

Fully Charged News

The title alone would say to me, ‘Oh no, not more news!’ I am probably not alone in experiencing a news deluge which is impossible to process.
It’s not that there is more happening in the world now than there was 20 or even 50 years ago, there’s just more ways we can have it delivered to our eyes and ears.
However there are about 200 stories a day we could report on, the Fully Charged mailbox is bursting with updates, suggestions, new product and system launches from around the world. We could, with enough budget, probably produce a 24-hour rolling news show just about electric vehicles and renewable energy developments. What a nightmare that would be!
However, plans are well underway to produce a weekly podcast (and video version) where I talk through a few key stories in the electric vehicle, clean tech world with clever people who know stuff. Guests, highly intelligent and well informed regular guests.
Nothing new there, there’s dozens of podcasts but not many that focus on this particular niche.
We are working with a podcast platform that will mean these episodes are easy to find and subscribe to, and we’re talking to some sponsors who would help make it happen.
Really hoping to get this going before Fully Charged Live, (9th-10th June, Silverstone, UK) and even record one at the event! Woot!
So here is a bit of news, yesterday I attended the Scottish Renewables’ Annual Conference in Edinburgh. I met a lot of wonderful people working in what is now a very well established and mature industry.
It was also encouraging to hear that an industry that has occasionally been painted by the more barking mad elements in American and UK politics as ‘lefty’ or ‘greenie’ or ‘a bunch of new-age-holier-than-thou-do-gooders’ as my old dad would have described them, that’s how he described me by the way, is now clearly above and beyond all such nonsense.
The day before I was at the conference there was a presentation from a Conservative think-tank called ‘Bright Blue’ and they clearly made a big impression. I’m sad I didn’t see them.
If there’s one thing this country needs right now it’s cross party agreement on how to create improvements in our world.
It’s encouraging to hear there are people on the political right who are fully aware of the benefits, both environmental and economic of a massive uptake of renewable energy systems.
Strangely, the current governments reactionary blanket banning of onshore wind installation (globally accepted as the cheapest way to produce electricity) is contradicted by their commitment to electric vehicles, research into battery technology (expect to hear a lot about this in future episodes of Fully Charged) offshore wind and modifying and developing the grid.
Wind and solar now produce, over an entire year, 27% of the electricity generated in the UK.
Clearly that’s nowhere near enough but that figure is constantly rising, plus, due to intermittency, there have been many days when it’s over 50% and of course other days when it’s in single digits.
The discussion of how the current government creates legislation which enables this growth, how the electricity market works, how price fluctuation (every 30 minutes) and how massive subsidies are handed out to coal, gas and nuclear was, I’ll be honest, way beyond the mental grasp of yours truly.
There are more three-letter-acronyms in energy than any other field I’ve ever encountered. And yes I know it’s not an acronym if it isn’t a pronounceable word, but I know you know what I mean.
Oh go on then, correct me anyway.
Anyway, more news on Fully Charged Live very, very soon and as always, if you have been, thank you for reading.

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Happy birthday to the legend +Amon RA
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