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The Supremacy of Wisdom and the Need for the Elderly
Monroe County When you slowly meditate through the biblical book of Proverbs, one thing stands out: nothing is more valuable in life than the acquisition of wisdom. This is an analytic truth, as seen on Proverbs 4:7: The beginning of wisdom is this: Get wis...

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Advertising Without Influence Is Hype (The Presence-Driven Church)
Somewhere in Monroe In church history we read that, when God showed up in a church, the word got out and sometimes "spread like fire." This tells me that God's presence is more about influence than it is about advertising. Advertising without influence is h...

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Appearnce, Not Character, Is What Matters In a Post-Christian Culture
What happens in a world where there is no moral code, but - weirdly - people are still concerned about their "reputations?" (Why?) In a post-Christian culture, virtues such as living in some kind of holiness and righteousness are not cool. Instead of who we...

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How to Keep a Spiritual Journal
Munson Park, Monroe I've been keeping a spiritual journal for forty years. I have read and responded to over 2000 spiritual journals that pastors and Christian leaders have sent me as part of seminary classes, retreats, and conferences I have taught. Here a...

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Decolonization and the Language of the Presence-Driven Church
Kibera, in Nairobi, Kenya I was flying from Detroit to
Nairobi, Kenya, to preach in a church and lead a conference for pastors from
Kenya and Uganda. I like to read as much as I can about the culture I’m going
to, so I’d bought a few books on Kenya. One of ...

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Self-praising Is a Sign of Spiritual Insecurity
Detroit Institute of Arts My spiritual habit is to begin the morning by reading Psalms and Proverbs, and praying as these texts escort me into God's presence. I can only take a few verses at a time. Today I read Proverbs 27:2: Let someone else praise you, a...

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Being Loved by God Frees Us to Love Others
Torrey Pines, California Henri Nouwen writes: "Real freedom to live in this world comes from hearing clearly the truth about who we are, which is that we are the beloved. That’s what prayer is about. And that’s why it is so crucial and not just a nice thing...

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Holy Spirit Renewal Minstries - Our Annual Summer Conference
Video by
Denise Kukwa It's not too early to begin thinking about joining me and many others at our annual Holy Spirit Renewal Ministries Summer Conference . When: June 25-29, 2017 Where: Green Lake Christian Conference Center, Wisconsin Speakers: - Steve a...

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Speaking in Detroit Saturday, March 11

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Pastors Must Dive to the Ocean Depths of Prayer
Detroit After teaching three to four thousand pastors and Christian leaders, over a period of forty years, at conferences, seminaries, retreats, churches, and individual contacts, I have concluded that most Westernized pastors don't have significant praying...
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