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TwistedWave? Alternatives?  Thought that we had used TwistedWave as a Chromebook alternative to Audacity in the past and if we signed in we didn't have to worry about the 5 minute capacity.  Now I'm getting errors that need to purchase and upgrade.  Has there been a change and is there anything new to use as an alternative to twistedwave?  Thanks.

Google Password Sync - Would anyone like to share the workflow you go through when creating new users?  I am tired of creating users in AD, then go to Google and create the user there.  I finally have GADS up and running and wanting to complete the process.  

We are a small school and I prefer to have their passwords set and not be able to be changed, this is an issue with GAPS.  I did find that if I used a 3rd party tool like DameWare it would process the change, but AD tool does not.  I didn't know if there is a script or tool that I'm missing that would create the user and set the password and that would pass on to Google.


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Commencement Ceremonies for Marceline High School for the Class of 2015

Does anybody have any great ideas of how to control the SPAM folders?  I have a lot of complaints that they are getting large amounts of spam and they are very inappropriate.  I personally don't look at my spam folder unless I'm missing something, but guess I'm looking for some type of filter to send a large portion to delete.  Thanks

Doing some professional development on Chromebooks and creating lessons that reach the Modification and Redefinition levels of the SAMR Model.  Anyone have any great apps that would be great to show?  I'm really pushing for creation apps.  Great to get a good list going here.

Battery drain? Has anyone done any testing to see if there is any impact on battery compared to a similar stock watch face?

Anyone have a list of extensions to blacklist?  I have ran across two different ones that install toolbars and didnt' know if someone has already come up with a list of these.  Thanks 
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