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I have several Photos libraries, and for some of them, the Memories "feature" makes no sense at all. Is there a way to turn Memories off, either on particular libraries, or altogether?

I just installed the second aftermarket battery in my mid-2009 MacBook. (If you don't want to read the whiney part, just jump to the end where I have a question for the Community.)

The first one died when I left the MacBook sleeping, then forgot about it for a few days. After that the battery would no longer hold any charge at all. To add insult to injury, it was only a couple months out of warranty. My bad? Maybe, but genuine Apple batteries don't behave like that.

If you peruse the aftermarket batteries on Amazon, and read just the 1-star reviews, there is a repeating theme. No matter what the cost of the battery, running them flat is a killer.

The previous battery, from Lenmar, came with no warnings how to baby it. No documentation at all in fact. When it failed, I contacted customer support, and got an immediate email back that someone would get back to me the next work day. It's been weeks. No one has gotten back to me. I'll avoid Lenmar products in the future.

The new battery, from Anker, came with an actual instruction manual. Within, it warns not to let the charge drop below 7%. (I'm guessing that's a standard for aftermarket batteries.) The Anker battery also has an 18-month warranty!

Question for the Community: The Lenmar battery I "killed" still had plenty of get-up-and-go in it before I ran it flat. Does anyone know if there is any way to resurrect these things?

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One observation; two questions: Among my several Macs I have a Mid-2009 white plastic MacBook. According to Apple, the latest macOS this model can accommodate is El Capitán, yet when I look for other updates at the App Store, it always offers to download Sierra for me.

Question #1: Are owners of other "ineligible" Mac models getting this offer as well?

Question #2: Is there a method of installing Sierra on an ineligible model? My MacBook is only one hardware revision out-of-date. (Back in the day the ExPostFacto utility let me install Mac OS 10.5 on a PowerPC iMac that shouldn't have been able to get past 10.4.)
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I (and countless others) get this a lot when trying to update apps via iTunes. No one in the support communities has been able to figure this one out. How in the world can a specifically numbered error be unknown?

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For those who lost "Updates Installed in the Last 30 Days" after the massive October 27 software updates, I found a solution. It requires editing ~/Library/Application Support/App Store/updatejournal.plist, which is pretty easy if you have Xcode. The excruciating details are at <>.
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I'm trying to unravel an Apple ID hairball. Both my spousal unit and I have dual Apple IDs, one each for iTunes, the other for iCloud. The instructions at <> imply that these can be (sort of) merged through Family Sharing. The problem I'm having is her iTunes ID is a really old one that is NOT an email address.

One of Apple's support pages says this can be easily fixed by logging in to <> and making the change. Except that one cannot log into that page with an Apple ID that is not an email address. Catch 22. Suggestions?

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After the slew of updates on October 27, has anyone out there figured out how to force App Store to once again display the last 30 days of activity?

I'm having a nightmares trying to upgrade Lubuntu (running under VirtualBox 5.1.6) from version 16.04 to 16.10. Someone in the Lubuntu community is hinting that my real problem is with VirtualBox, not with Lubuntu. Does this ring a bell with anyone here?

Here's another gotcha I just experienced, possibly Sierra-related, but who knows: In I edited one note to remove some obsolete information at the bottom. CRASH!!!

Subsequent relaunches of crashed immediately. ( I used a bit of salty language in the crash reports.)

I logged into The initial edit of the note had made it up there. I made a few more edits and closed iCloud.

When I went back to my Mac, launched just fine, as if there had been no problem. Weird.

Here's a puzzle I've been trying to work through. I've installed Sierra on my mid-2011 iMac, and it mostly works fine, but…
My Time Machine drive is a 3TB WD My Book. Twice (so far) I've gotten an error from Time Machine that backup failed. When I check the drive (not the volume) in Disk utility, it tells me my partition map is damaged beyond repair. BTW, WD Drive Utilities refuses to check anything.

So, I unmount my Time Machine drive, unplug its USB cable, replug cable: problem gone. WD Utility says everything's OK, Disk Utility says everything's OK. Weird.

Even more weird, I have a WD My Passport drive that doing the same nonsense. The fix is the same. Problem gone until next time.

According to WD, both drives have the current firmware.

More weirdness: I've got a brand-new-but totally-obsolete-from Staple's- back-room Iomega FireWire drive that exhibited very similar behavior. I lost data on this one, but that may have been avoided if I'd tried the unplug/replug trick.

None of this nonsense occurred when I was running El Capitan. I'll copy this message to Apple feedback.
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