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moving to squarespace. come see!
after all my dramatic rants and confused posts about discovering myself and wanting to make changes, the time has finally come! hey holland has been a really great adventure for me, but i am making a big change! i want to blog about happiness and all things...

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little lady has a name
i know in the last update , i told you i wasn't going to share for fear of jinxes, but i think it is time. mainly because the only thing that will change our little lady's name at this point is divine intervention and i'm pretty certain he liked the name, t...

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to the most amazing person in the world // my mama
i've been talking a lot about mama's lately. mama's giving me advice, me being a mama. now it's time to talk about my mama. you see, today is her birthday. i have literally been thinking of something special i could do for her birthday for so long! and blan...

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mama advice i will take to heart
when people know you are pregnant, everyone is suddenly entitled to give you all the advice they have. some is more useful than others. hehe . not complaining, just stating a fact here. amidst all the advice i have received from amazing mamas, there is some...
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