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Total stupidity=people who liked it and the preson who posted it. Actually the person who posted it is a Fucking Bitch!
thanks. Never seen them all in one playing.
Always liked the window climbs. Such good acting.
WTH is Jeff Smith and what is he doing in my Google + Stream?
Absolutely hilarious. Odd though, I do not remember any of these scenes. I think I saw just about every episode that was aired. Thanks for making my day!
What is with you people??? I am a very happy person and you just made my day... well; a sad face. TELL ME IF YOU ARE GOING TO POST THE WHOLE EPISODE! :D Have a nice day!
Awesome post, many-a-day spent with the caped crusader and the boy wonder. Thanks!
campy pop art series..Adam West's deadpan delivery was hilarious
I'll save you the 12 minutes and 24 seconds:

1. Jerry Lewis
2. Dick Clark
3. Green Hornet & Cato (Van Williams & Bruce Lee)
4. Sammy Davis, Jr.
5. José Jiménez (Bill Dana)
6. Howard Duff (Felony Squad)
7. Colonel Klink (Werner Klemperer) (Hogan's Heros)
8. Lurch (Ted Cassidy) (The Addams Family)
9. Don Ho (and just off-screen his less famous brother Butt Ho)
10. Santa Clause (Andy Devine)
11. Art Linkletter
12. Edward G. Robinson
13. Aileen Mehle (a.k.a. Susie Knickerbocker)
14. Cyril Lord (British King of Carpet)

Funny how tastes have changed. This would never fly today. So very, very, very corny and hammy.
Terrible writing. Hard to understand the aesthetic at all.
Well... Batman was the giver and Robin was the receiver! Now that we have that all figured out we can move on!
why were they always climbing/rappelling the same building?
same window EVERY time! And batman doesn't have tall ears on his mask.
... Because it's the same set.
These are great! Colonel Klink was certainly unexpected. Hogan's Heroes was a CBS show, so I don't understand why ABC would give them free advertising on Batman.
did u watch d movie. if u did then u know y lol..............
Josh B
hogan's heros ftw!
awesome stuff....i never realised they did this stuff.
A whole lot of crime seems to be happening in this building! I guess it makes sense though. There are probably a lot of disgruntled people living at the top who are furious that the elevator has been out of order for so long.
Thank Goodness for the kind souls of Christopher Nolan and Christian Bale for restoring Batman's TRUE character and not sticking with the...wall climbing, pun using, tight wearing buffoon
I think both have their place. the old skool batman show was cheesy but a fun cheesy that I love watching!
This is great stuff. "You dipped your dipthong. People in Philadelphia are known for that." I love it! Oh please, when will we get these cheesy treasures on DVD?
they are always climbing the same building, lol sneaky
+Darth Azimuth ....and it's always the same darn window those people keep popping their heads out of....at weird angles. :-)
+Jen Jen Reynolds
So you're saying that the video is homosexual ?  How exactly can a video be gay   Care to explain ?
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