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Jay G (FEELartistic)
Fine artist & art insructor
Fine artist & art insructor

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Scribbling & Drawing are the first steps in learning to write.

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Boost self-esteem and confidence throug art related activites.

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Summer camps Manga & Anime @FEELartistic Studio. This summer, studio is offering most artistic summer camp themes includes Manga & Anime, Open Sketch, Wet Canvas, Pottery and Ceramics. Find out more about camps and discounts at

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Diversity is our Strength: Summer Camp Project.

This time in our summer camps, art workshops and art classes, we are adding collaborative art projects activities. All participants will work on one large canvas and make a painting representing the strength of diversity.

Our primary objective for this activity is to prepare students for the real world. One thing we can guarantee to students about the reality is that everyone is different. The state of being different and diverse is a strength and not a weakness.

Join us in summer camp 2016 in Everett, WA. We are across Costco in Silver Lake area. Learn more about our collaborative art projects at

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During summer camps join us in Collaborative Art Project with Special Needs Students.

Summer camp, Pottery Camps, art workshops and art classes.

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Collaborative Art Project with Special Needs Students @FEELartistic Studio

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Learn facts about pottery and have your kids to join most artistic pottery summer camps @FEELartistic Studio.

Pottery Facts:

Who invented the clay?
Oil-based clays are referred to by a number of genericized trademarks. Plastilin, was patented in Germany by Franz Kolb in 1880. Plasteline was developed by Claude Chavant in 1892, and trademarked in 1927. Plasticine was invented in 1897 by William Harbutt of Bathampton, England.

When was the first pottery made?
The potter's wheel was invented in Mesopotamia sometime between 6,000 and 4,000 BC (Ubaid period) and revolutionised pottery production. Biscuit moulds were used to a limited extent as early as the 5th and 6th century BC by the Etruscans and more extensively by the Romans.

What is pottery made out of?
Pottery is the ceramic act of making pottery wares, of which major types include earthenware, stoneware and porcelain. The place where such wares are made is also called a pottery (plural "potteries"). Pottery also refers to the art or craft of a potter or the manufacture of pottery.

When was the potter's wheel invented?
A stone potter's wheel found at the Mesopotamian city of Ur in modern-day Iraq has been dated to about 3129 BC [citation needed], but fragments of wheel-thrown pottery of an even earlier date have been recovered in the same area. However, southeast Europe and China have also been claimed as possible places of origin.


Join us pottery summer camps, art classes and art lessons

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12th man of Seattle. My most recent painting "Go Hawks", Graphite & Ink on paper. ‪#‎seahawks‬ ‪#‎seattle‬ ‪#‎gohawks‬ ‪#‎superbowl‬ ‪#‎superbowlsunday‬ ‪#‎seattleartist‬

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Art of temporary tattooing

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Art skills for kids
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