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Brooke Burgess
I write stories and make stuff. Always love for cats, travel, frozen yogurt, and superheroes. If I can ease some suffering along the way, then it hasn't been a life wasted
I write stories and make stuff. Always love for cats, travel, frozen yogurt, and superheroes. If I can ease some suffering along the way, then it hasn't been a life wasted

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All the Twin Peaks Season 3 updates, plus a little healthy speculation...

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Keeping the chops sharp in the micro-narrative format...

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Fresh blog goodness talks feline companion tributes, travel and the digital nomad, and even a little Twin Peaks....

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A long read, and a difficult one. But I needed so much to remember at this moment that love and magic are real...

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When VOYA Magazine — the Voice of Youth Arts publication that serves schools and libraries throughout North America — awarded my debut novel with a Top Shelf honour, I was over the proverbial moon. I've been pinging back and forth with the editors since,…

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I've known David Kaye for nearly 20 years. We met doing community theatre in North Vancouver, and just kinda clicked. I'd make a point of cornering him and firing off endless questions about his radio and voice work. Or maybe I'd wax poetic about…

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The Witching Hour is fast approaching! Grab yourself an award-winning scare for the spooky season, at a chillingly low price!!!

#CatsMaw #paperback #newedition #fantasy #mystery #horror #YA #kidslit #Shadowland 

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The new paperback edition of The Cat's Maw is just $12.99 for Hallowe'en. Grab this award-winning fable for brave young readers and cat lovers of all ages in time for the witching season! #mystery #fantasy #horror #magicrealism #cats #shadowland

— 2015 Gelett Burgess Children’s Book Awards —

SILVER MEDALIST (Pre-Teen Fiction)
— 2015 Moonbeam Children’s Awards —

‘Narnia character types and a Stephen King plot make The Cat’s Maw an absolutely intriguing novel (with) sophisticated, scary, supernatural thrills.’
— VOYA Magazine 2015 TOP SHELF Honoree —

‘Exciting, dark and packed full of mystery.
A Red Ribbon winner and highly recommended.’
—The 2015 Wishing Shelf Book Awards —

‘A well-written and character-filled journey…reminiscent of Diana Wynne Jones. This book will delight any young reader’
— The BookLife Prize for Fiction —

'Burgess leaves readers clawing for the sequel. Kids will enjoy it; adults will love it.'
— KIRKUS Reviews —

'If you are the sort of person who enjoys being the first to know about something important, it's high time you read this. Because this is important. For brave young readers as well as their parents.'
—THE GUARDIAN (Children’s) —

'FIVE STARS - haunting fantasy not for the faint of heart.'

‘Few authors can match this one when it comes to grounded ‘surreality’. It’s a heady mixture handled with deft grace. The prose is lyrical and deceptively complex.
Lo and behold, (Burgess) has returned...and it is brilliant.'

'Young readers (will) fall in love from the first page.'

‘A wonderful mix of surrealism, fantasy, and reality…evocative and gut-wrenching. There is a dreamlike state that surrounds the novel — a harrowing adventure (that) is masterfully done.’
—SFBook Reviews —

‘The Cat’s Maw will take you on an adventure. The story is beautifully written…entertaining, and full of imagination and vivid detail.'

'Cinematic...lyrical...and quite often extraordinary.'

'TOP 100 Children's Books to Read in a Lifetime'

— (Reader Ranking) —

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