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Erin Luczak
A little bit country, way more rock and roll
A little bit country, way more rock and roll

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Food, Knitting, and the other pillars of existence
Yikes!  So I have been away...more than I should have been.  Oops.  Well, I'm here now! First up, the meal plan Monday, May 12th: Spicy Sauteed Chickpeas with Ground Beef and Cilantro Tuesday, May 13th: Tapenade Chicken  with Lemon Roasted Brussels Sprouts ...

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Actions and Consequences
I've been thinking lately about our actions and the consequences they bring.  I am as guilty as most of opening my big mouth and saying exactly what I think but lately I have been more introspective and it occurs to me that the reactions caused by what we s...

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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times
Hi ya'll.  So I've been busy.  I am working on a new meal plan but honestly, I am running like 6 recipes behind so there is much less rush.  To let you know, this scallop recipe , this bean recipe , this pork recipe , and this stew recipe  are more than a l...

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Mammoth List of Foodz
So I have been so out of it lately.  I decided this next meal plan would last from paycheck to paycheck.  Nothing will spoil and it will all work out.  So here we go: Monday, March 31st: Seared Scallops with crispy leeks and a white bean rosemary ragout (a ...

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Moar am I tired
Is daylight savings time making me tired?  Who knows? I have a meal plan...putting it together took more energy than it should.  Can I take a nap now? We're behind, so there is some duplication here. Tonight, Herb and Mustard Beef with the de Puy Lentils I ...

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New Menu Plan and some PA fun
Folks, we have flowers.  I agonized over them...I pinterested, I talked everyone's ear off, I had a DIY plan and a half. And then it all worked itself out in a few hours with a little help from my friend LeRoy and The CEO's mom, Stepdad, and The amazing CEO...

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The hat is for my feet, the socks are for my head
That's how I feel lately.  Have you ever had one of those times when, every time you make a decision, it seems to turn out to be the wrong one? On one of the podcasts I listen to regularly was talking about decision burnout.  I really do think this is a thi...

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The Next Meal Plan
Hey ya'll, So I confess that The CEO and have been stepping outside the meal plan occassaionly and leaving dangerously.  We've eaten out at some amazing NYC eateries and so we have some leftover menus. But first, the two restaurants were Raymi and Dish .  R...

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Aching Hands, Growling Belly, and a Tired Mind
So, work has been intense lately.  The kind of intense that makes me feel like I am constantly forgetting to do something and what I do isn't right somehow.  It is disheartening and soul sucking but we press on. The wedding vendors are all picked and booked...

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Meal Plan, an Update, and Wow am I Overwhelmed
Weddings should plan themselves...just sayin' This is just a quick update.  On the knitting front, I finished my secret project, which happened to be fingerless mitts for The CEO out of Shibui Heichi  in canal.  The yarn, while 100% silk, is not at all soft...
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