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Adam Michael
I'm a leaf on the wind.
I'm a leaf on the wind.


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Since I didn't post this argument to my plus friends myself. LOL Please go look at Pauls!
Predator Versus Boba Fett

Who WOULD win?! I was just asked by +Adam Michael who I thought would win between Predator and Boba Fett; my initial reaction was Fett because... he's fucking Boba Fett?! That said... there's more than one predator (or is that cheating and we need to keep it one on one?!). 

Fellow geeks... what do you think? Who'd win?

#geek   #predator   #starwars  

Predator Versus Boba Fett. Who would win and why? +Paul Spoerry  please share with your infinately huge circles of people that would find this interesting. Me and joe are really trying to gather opinions. 

Woke up awesome today.

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Man alive I can tell I'm still learning google over facebook. Didn't realize there was an edit button, made a post about lack of one, realized there was one, proceeded to feel totally stupid. Two facepalms in the last 5 minutes. 

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Doubt, question, investigate, see for yourself, research. Factual information about something is far greater then taking unreliable accounts words for it. Question why things are happening or see your world destroyed. It's a scary thought to realize that mankind is capable of totally annihilating the world at any time through nuclear arms and there are still people that would kill you for thinking different then them.

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