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I'm here to make friends.
I'm here to make friends.

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I just wanted to state for the record, I am not a story game. I AM A HUMAN BEING.

Friday Big Video Games Post

Mass Effect Andromeda - I super-loved the original so I picked this up as soon as it came out. It's been getting a ton of criticism from different angles (bad animation, bad writing, etc.) but I've been enjoying it a lot. I mean it has rough patches but my overall experience which so far spans about 21 hours of gameplay has been really positive. It does have some performance issues on my PC when it really shouldn't, but a recent driver update mostly, but not completely, smoothed it over. I've also been playing the multiplayer sometimes, though the half dozen or so multiplayer games I've played have included one rageaholic pottymouth.

The Sims 4 - Opening Origin to play MEA reminded me that I had this and also reminded me that I've never finished a legacy challenge so I'm trying that. My sim, James Smith, is a control center commander for SimNASA, an extremely fit dude, and an expecting father. Hoping to max out his fitness and get him to the top of one of the space careers at least. Oh, and expand his house. Right now it's like three rooms - a kitchen, a combined bedroom/bathroom, and a room with his workout equipment.

Project Cars - I love racing games and there are too few good ones for PC. What I really want is a spiritual successor to Gran Turismo where I can race, buy cars, and buy upgrades for those cars. I love taking dumpy cars and kitting them out. Project Cars doesn't let me do that (and if you know a game that does please let me know) but it has a neat progression where you can start off kart racing and work your way up through different tiers as you win championships and whatnot. I've only made it as far as the 250cc superkarts, but I have gotten to drive a real car at a road racer invitational (I did terrible).

911 Operator - This game popped up as a new release, sounded like something I would enjoy, and I totally did. Your responsible for deploying emergency services across a city, and receiving phone calls and evaluating what kind of response they should get (if they get a response at all). The calls can get kind of repetitive but the overall flow of the game is simple but satisfying, kind of like Mini Metro. Crises emerge and you have to determine how to dispatch the available resources based on proximity and urgency.

Batman: The Telltale Series - I bought this when episode 1 first came out, beat episode 1, and then when episode 2 came out it deleted my save game. I've been crankily waiting for the whole series to come out so I wouldn't repeat that incident and now I'm working on playing it. I just re-beat episode 1, so I'm going to be playing new stuff for the first time. Maybe this weekend.

No Man's Sky - I reinstalled to see the new updates and I do see that new content has been added, but very little in the way of explanation has been added with it. I do oddly miss the big empty space stations with one lonely alien sitting there (if that). Space seems to have gotten more crowded, and I used to love the lonely quiet wanderer feel of it.

Northgard - A viking RTS. I don't like RTSes but this is super playable even for me. Your main responsibilities are building buildings, allocating villagers to roles, and placing them in zones to fulfill their role. The whole zone based thing takes away a lot of the irritating micromanagement of other RTSes. Hopefully the game stays this way, though in a recent update I read they're giving you "more control over combat" which reads to me as more micromanagement. I don't know, we'll see. It's cool so far.

Total War: Warhammer - Still working on yet another greenskins playthrough.

What are you playing?

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me irl

I don't know why I haven't played Mutant Year Zero yet. It seems to have swooped in to fill the same niche as Rifts, and from what I hear is really good. 

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Would anyone like a free Steam key for AI War: Fleet Command?

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My best Bull Nakano face and my best Bull Nakano shirt.

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me irl

I will run a Middarmark Torchbearer game over Google Hangouts. Let me know if you're interested. I'd prefer people who have either played Torchbearer and love it, or know how it works and are extremely excited about it, to avoid midcampaign bailouts. 4, maybe 5 players, with one spot reserved for the love of my life if she wants it.

Please let me know if you'd like to play through a secret private message!

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Tabletop Simulator


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Friday Big Video Games Post

Ooh, it's late!

Bastard Bonds - I've been in the mood to level lately, so I said what the hell I'll reinstall one of my favorite RPGs I've never beaten and commit to it. I'm level 7, have a crew of about 6 bastards, and I've made it farther than I have before. I just did this crazy horror dungeon that I want to run as an OSR adventure. It was really solid.

Lethis - Path of Progress - A steampunk citybuilder. It gets compared to Caesar favorably, though it's a bit simpler. I'm still making up my mind on it.

River City Ransom: Underground - I sucked at the original game, and I'm sucking at this one too. It's awesome that it includes online multiplayer, something that all the other brawlers I've picked up (I'm looking at you Russia Bleeds) have inexplicably not included, but an open map brawler is a bit chaotic for it. For example, the game starts in a high school and if you punch teachers, which is utterly avoidable, the mission gets interrupted and you go to the principals office (which is a mini boss fight). It took me about an hour to get through the first mission in multiplayer because online buddies kept punching the teachers. I'd try it with some buddies on voice chat though.

Atlas Reactor - Whoa! A free to play game that is really unique. It's team based, you play a single character, but it's turn based strategy. Turns are too fast to coordinate with teammates so you do your best to anticipate what they're doing, and then yours and the opponents actions play out simultaneously. Really cool.

Fallout 4 - Reinstalled. Revisiting. Such an investment of time though!

Soda Dungeon - Another free to play. A quick, grindy game with Final Fantasy style combat.

Geneforge 1 - Really cool idea, you build monsters using magic and having them roll with you as your adventuring party, but really old and dated.

Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor - Reinstalled in my excitement for Shadow of War. Fun, fast to progress through, holds up to my memories of my original playthrough. And I haven't checked out the DLC yet!

Total War: Warhammer - Orcs!

A Virus Named Tom - An ok action puzzler.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare - Tried multiplayer for a little bit. Not my thing these days, though the co-op zombie mode was cool.

Sam & Max Season One - Beaten!

Spintires - This is a very "Why am I doing this to myself?" game. I know people love it, but after flipping my truck five times getting to a garage and having to start the journey over I was like pbbbblllt.

Diablo 3 - Beat the campaign with +Carly Knight. Time for adventure mode!

Final Fantasy XIV - Trying to master the marauder class. FFXIV friends, sorry, I started a new character. I'm still on Faerie and my name is Dancing Coeurl.

That's a lot of games so I'm tuckered out even though there might have been a few more. What have you been playing?

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