Starting weight (1/1/12): 211
Current weight (5/4/12): 184.8
Change since last week: n/a
Total lost: 26.2

The Private Weight Loss program ends next week so I'm going to start using my scale at home to weigh myself and I'm going to list the total I've lost, not just what I've lost during the program. The reason why I'm switching scales is because weighing myself at the gym gives me a number that's determined by what I'm wearing, how much I've eaten, how much water I've had and if I just worked out or not. At home I can weigh myself at the same time every morning, on an empty stomach and without any clothes. And I'm obviously going with the real total amount of weight I've lost, because, well, it's the total amount I've lost! I'm claiming every one of those puffy pounds!

FYI - I finally weigh just a bit less than my driver's license says I weigh. Man my face was pudgy in December 2010! I put my profile photo next to my driver's license because I wanted to see the difference. The DL photo was 6 months after having my daughter. I was puffy! Look at that extra chin! Ugh!
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Thank Goodness IA doesn't include the weight on them anymore. I always lied anyways LOL.
You look so much younger now, too. It has been helpful reading your blog. I have been focusing on eating clean and working out 4-5x a week with very slow progress. You have a lot of good information on your weblog that I intend to implement. Although I am also planning on adding the Liver Cleanse to reset my metabolism.
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