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William Green
HS Chem teacher, aspiring administrator, learner.
HS Chem teacher, aspiring administrator, learner.

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It's good to be wrong
Depot students having a blast during fitness block. "I feel like you treat us like delinquents. I feel like we're always being watched with suspicion." We were sitting around the table, having a little conference. I had been sensing some negative vibes late...

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Education on the cheap
What I like about Betsy DeVos' recent comments about a former East Hartford High student is that they point out the importance of high expectations. What I don't like is that they offer the same tired old fallacy we've been buying for decades: that we can h...

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Bringing order to your chaotic life with Trello
Ever feel like your life is a hurricane of responsibilities? Of course you do. So do I. That's why I write so much about managing stress and priorities. That's why I've been using the Bullet Journal method for a few years now. But I've recently retired that...

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Five things I'm learning these days
Five things I'm learning lately: Fitness - I just passed my first year anniversary in CrossFit in February. I started at a new gym ( CrossFit Aisling ) last October, and soon I was going five days a week. It's hard for me to stay balanced with anything. I s...

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Change is tough: The slogging phase
"I'm done with my chores now. It's time. I say my prayer and head out
on the hunt. The sun isn't up yet; it's cold; the fields are sopping.
Brambles scratch my ankles, branches snap back in my face. The hill is a
sonofabitch but what can you do? Set one ...

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The procrastination equation: Putting research into practice at the Depot
They were discussing different forms of government with Jonathan, one of our teachers, and the conversation had degenerated into the classic, "There is no right answer. It's all just a matter of opinion." "That's not true," I said, trying to keep the frustr...

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The puzzle: Turning passions into careers
It made for a cool picture--Gabe pitching his hammock near a kettle hole on Mansfield Hollow Lake, while his classmates watched and learned. He had taken us all to his favorite camping spot to teach us how to set up a campsite and build a fire. He offered s...

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Tracking student progress in a mastery-based system
"She won't be happy until her progress report is 100% green." That's what one of our teachers told me about one particularly driven student. She was talking about our new Google Drive-based progress report system. One of the challenges of mastery-based lear...

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Mastering (and loving) math at the Depot
We've made lots of big changes this year at the Depot, but this may be the most important one: More math. There's been a lot of talk lately about the importance of social skills for jobs , but jobs requiring a combination of math AND social skills have show...

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The Depot Tribe
What would it look like if our school were a real community--the kind humans are built for? In his recent book, Tribe , Sebastian Junger argues that humans are built for a closeness of community that we rarely experience today. Early American colonists, for...
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