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Pilates Mat & Vbarre Classes

$20 each | 5 for $100 | 10 for $180 | 20 for $345

First Month Unlimited for $65

Auto-renew Monthly Unlimited for $110


$35 each | 5 for $160 | 10 for $315

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Introducing... GLAM 101

We are happy to announce that we have partnered with Glam 101 at our Victory Park studio!

Glam 101 is owned and operated by Danielle Maratas who is a well-known eyelash extension professional. Danielle is certified in Xtreme Lashes, Nova Lash, and Premier Lash. She uses high quality supplies such as Premium Mink lashes.

January through March, Danielle is so graciously offering $125 for a FULL SET of eyelash extensions!

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A private session provides hands on, individual training with an instructor. Students use Pilates equipment and incorporate mat work into their session. Private Sessions are strongly recommended for beginners, anyone with injury, and for those looking for an intensive, personalized experience. We strive to ensure that each session addresses your individual goals and needs.
Contact us today!



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Joseph H. Pilates was nearly a century ahead of his time in understanding that the key to life was a healthy, flexible spine. Pilates focuses on the core postural muscles that help keep the body strong and balanced, while working to align the spine and improve posture. Pilates teaches a strong awareness of breath and a profound mind/body connection.

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Click the link below or call us (214-520-0386) to learn more about Pilates and the classes we offer at Classic Pilates!

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